Harry’s Horse Magnetic boots

Ola Ola,

Finally and then I mean finally is the equestrian world starting to innovate more and more. Out with the old stuffy thoughts and in with the new ones. Now people just need to adjust their brains to all these new products and we are good to go!

Not so long ago Harry’s Horse launched a new boots with magnets. This is a protective tendon boots which is great for horses who often gets stable feet, for transporting and so forth. The magnets in the boot increases blood flow which again can heal injuries faster. Whether this is scientifically proved, I’m not sure, but I’m just happy to see brands trying out new stuff.

You can buy them at Epplejeck for 79.90€ for a pair.



Chill day

Ola Ola,

Finally I had a day with no commitments or plans. The only thing I had to do was to buy Grumpy’s musli and then take him for a ride. Boyfriend is currently in Miami for work, so no one to hurry home to either.

The ride was more or less Meh. I know we can do so much better, but we’re a bit stuck. He doesn’t answer to the left leg aid, but I’m too pussy to give him a proper stuffing. Next week the farrier and saddle fitter will come around, and then I’m going to Norway for a couple of days so I’m letting it simmer till I come back. Then we will go into proper training for the summer.

On the good side we got to chill out properly. Since the move he has become so social, so when I tried brushing him today he took the chance to say hi to all the horses in our hallway instead of standing still.

The other day my heart melted when I come to the stable and he was having an afternoon nap. In the 2.5 years I’ve had him I’ve never seen him sleep. I tried to take a photo, but he was quicker then me. However that means he feels at home, so happy Grumpy, happy owner!

Have a lovely Saturday eve.


Materialistic happiness

Ola Ola,

Hope you are having a good evening!

Me and the boy have just been out for dinner. Now I’m on the sofa with a proper food coma.

Today I received my new saddle pad from HV Polo. I can’t remember the last time I bought one, but since I got a gift card for my birthday I felt it was time for something new. Complete materialistic happiness. I’m obviously not the right person to ask, but I think grey looks really good on Grumpy.

The saddle pad is the HV polo Geri and can be found it loads of different colors. I bought mine at Epplejeck who has currently 20% discount on most saddle pads.


And then it wasn’t so scary after all

Ola Ola,

As I often start my posts about the weather, can someone explain to me why it’s suddenly winter again? I didn’t sign up for this!

So, now that that’s out of the way, we can talk about horses.

Sometimes when you can’t do something yourself it’s ok to ask for help. Tonight Grumpy went on the longe for the first time at the new stable. But because he reacts so much to my anxiety for every single little thing it was better to have someone with us that would make him used to the space without any anxiety. Luckily I have awesome friends that are willing to help out even when the weather is far to cold. Ivonne was the hero tonight and Grumpy didn’t get scared once. Thank you so so much!.

Afterwards we battled the scary room and after a while it wasn’t so scary after all. Grumpy is a horse that needs guidance and calmness, which I need to learn to provide. It’s a good lesson for myself to remember to breath.

Maybe we should do a breathing course together. Haha

Someone is enjoying his new power cooler from Bucas. It’s going to be his stable rug for when it gets a bit warmer.

Have a nice weekend!


The scary room

Ola Ola,

As per usual we have found another challenge to overcome.

This time the challenge is to make Grumpy understand that one specific room is not full of scary little monsters. I have about two weeks to make him used to this room before the farrier is coming and he will have to go in there whether he wants it or not.

Yep, he won’t even look at me.

Today I had 15 tries before he finally walked in. Every try before that ended in him standing still as a frozen figure right before the door. People that walked by must have thought we were idiots as the room isn’t scary at all.

Here you have it. The scary room. I mean, I don’t see it at all. All the horses are more then friendly and not moving around. When I finally managed to get him in we ended up standing 10 minutes to make him used to it before we walked back to his stable. What an absolute drama queen.

Who else have such a diva?


First lesson

Ola Ola,

Time is flying by at the moment. Last weekend was my birthday weekend, so a lot of time was spent with friends and family instead of blogging.

In the meanwhile Grumpy has settled into his new home well. He is being a lot happier and relaxed at the moment, which makes me feel happy and that my decision to move was right.

Today we had our first lesson at the new stable. Was definitely needed as my riding had gone south the last week. It was a bit harsh going from riding a lot of group lessons to having to decide every ride on my own. Too used to having someone tell me what to do, but now we are on our way and will try to do private lessons twice a week, as long as the wallet can afford it.

Homework for this week is to make quicker decisions on what to do when he lift his heads up and try to control his shoulders more plus being a consequent rider. So that’s going to be what I will work at this week.

Happy Monday to you all. We are one day closer to the weekend. Wohoo


Setting up some goals

Ola Ola,

Hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday. Mine was spent doing horse stuff.

Grumpy is slowly getting used to his new place. He is a lot calmer in his stable now, and he is used to the new walker and paddock.

Only our riding is going completely south at the moment. He is noticing that I’m being careful because of the new surroundings and he is taking full advantage of it. I’m trying to tell myself it’s just a matter of time and getting used to things.

Today we had the entire arena to ourself. I tried to make something out of our ride, but mnjaa lets just say he got a very relaxing day. To keep focus I’ve decided to give myself some goals for the coming period:

  • When I get anxious, I’m not going to stop, but push trough when it comes to riding
  • When I get anxious in handling Grumpy, I’m going to stay calm and not pull him close to me. I’ve been working on this for the last few days and I’m so happy it’s working out well. There has been no circling piaffe’s so far.
  • Work on my sit. As my boyfriend has taken some photos last few days I’ve seen how bad it really is and I need to get more straight
  • Building more muscles on Grumpy with riding him trough his whole body and focus on getting the backlegs active
  • Having fun. I worry to much, this is a hobby and should be fun, so I’m going to slow it down a notch and just have fun with it.

So that’s my goals for the coming months. I’m going to try to have boyfriend take photos once a week so I can see the progress. Going to be interesting to see if there is any difference in a couple of months.


First day survived

Ola Ola,

Whoever turned the fan on cold, can you please turn it off now? It’s so bloody cold and windy outside…

Today Grumpy had his full proper day at the new stable. He has been a little bit stressed, but for the most part settling in just fine. He has his newfound love called FBI next to him, so whenever needed they cuddle over the boxes. So sweet to look at.

I also decided it was time to ride him as well. He is used to going to competitions in the past and so forth, so I figured the faster I do it, the faster he will get used to this new place.

We didn’t go for a long ride as for me it was more for him to get used to the environment and it was blowing so badly outside that he was a bit jumpy because of the wind.

The new arena is so big. I can’t believe dressage riders use this whole thing when they do a test. For me it would be way to much time to think in between going from one side to the other. Haha

Overall we are settling in fine and I’m happy we finished the day on a good note.


It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later

Ola Ola,

Then the day was here that I haven’t really told about. The day Grumpy would move to a new stable.

Making the decision to move him was extremely difficult as I really did enjoy his now old stable, but due to life coming in the middle it wasn’t doable anymore. As explained before the last half year has felt like running to reach everything and the solution was to move him to somewhere where I could ride whenever I wanted to. Sometimes you almost wish it was some kind of drama that made you leave as that would make it easier, but leaving behind such a great bunch of people feels rough.

So to all the people of Spaarnwoude: thank you so much for all the laughs, joy and even tears. I’m going to miss you. I’ll come by every now and then for a drink at the bar.

Grumpy is now standing in his new stable. He was a bit stressed in the stable, but for the rest he seemed fine. Hopefully he will settle in without any issues.




Lately I’ve started to forget a lot. I keep joking to my boyfriend that I’m becoming demented, but secretly I’m really really worried.

It’s not that I forget super much, I just keep forgetting peoples names, where I place things and so forth. Last week I managed to forget my riding pants at home. I generally go to Grumpy straight from work, so boyfriend was so kind to bring them as I didn’t have time to drive home and back. Then today, I bloody manage to do it again, but yeah calling him to ask to deliver them again felt a bit silly. So as punishment me and Grumpy had to go outside on longe. However the good thing to this long useless story is that Grumpy was so KIND.

For two years I’ve stood in all kind of weather and darkness, twice a week lunging Grumpy, but this winter we had a couple of times that he would freak out so badly that I almost didn’t dare to do it anymore. Oh the big fat oh no. “You can’t be scared of your own horse”. The thing is that when I get scared I pull Grumpy towards me, which is not a good solution when your horse canters so fast his legs doesn’t even manage to follow anymore. But today he was so kind. No spooking, no running and just doing what he was meant to. We didn’t go on for long as the ground was freezing, but I’m happy nonetheless. Little battle won.

Picture obviously not from today. Way to cold for pictures…