New rug : Bucas Celtic 

This morning I woke up by my uncle sending a picture of my niece riding on a horse for the first time. Aaaw. So cute when children sit on horses with the biggest smile ever. 

When people ask my what I miss the most about Norway is,  then that’s it. Not being able to see my little niece and nephew grow up is sometimes hard. My niece is the coolest little girl and I would love bringing her to the stable. But luckily I get to go home now and then to see them. 

After waking up I  started calling around to about 6 different tack-stores to try to find the Bucas Celtic medium rug. Me and Boyfriend had nothing to do today so I wanted to just go and buy it instead of buying it online. But it all turned into a total mission and we ended up taking a nice  road trip to the north of the country to a really small town where they had it at a store called Zeeman dier en paard. This horse obsession is really bringing me all around the country. You need info about a tack shop? I got you. Haha 

Today’s shopping. Musli, Equishine and rug. 

Afterwards we went back to Grumpy for a fitting session. 

Me and Juul having a in depth convo if the rug fitted or not. Haha. Grumpy couldn’t be less interested and just continued eating. 

The reason why I’m buying the Bucas rugs is :

1. Because they have the stay dry inside which means you can lay them directly on your horse after working out eventough he is sweating. Grumpy sweats a lot in the winter and you can sit and wait for an hour for him to dry otherwise. 

2. Because of this stay dry it means the sweat doesn’t go into the rug and make it cold which again affect his back as his muscles become stiffer when he is cold. 

3. They last long and this one have a 3 year garantee which means I don’t have to buy another rug for a long time. 

I now have a 150gram stable rug, then a 300 gram liner and a turnout rug. Which means I’m set. After having researched and thought about it for a week I seriously don’t want to see or read about rugs for a very very long time. Now I’m going to go and eat bread and drink water for the rest of the month. 💸

Have a nice eve!


Entering annoying times


You gotta excuse my overly negative header, but let me explain.

This morning I showed up at the stable around 08.25 and let me tell you. It was cold. Very very cold. Which means the most difficult question of this period of the year arises:

Should you put a rug on it or not?

Grumpy is the biggest diva I know. So he gets cold really fast and then puts on a thick bearsuit. However its way to warm during the day to have a rug on him the whole day, and I don’t have the possibly to get to the stable in the morning to take it off. Oh the drama. Today I put on his summer rug when I was there in the afternoon so that he has something on overnight. I did see that it will drop to 10c tonight tough, so will have to take out the rugs from the shed I guess. The ultimate reminder that the autumn is coming!

2017-09-03 08.52.47

Our ride today wasn’t anything to write home about. He was really forward, which is something good, but then I need to learn to use that positive energy. Today we were a bit all over the place. Luckily we were riding alone, so no one noticed. haha.

2017-09-03 09.26.21

Tomorrow its time for another lesson!  Have a good Sunday eve 🙂




National championship dressage – Netherlands 

Today my and my trainer/good friend Kim took the trip to Ermelo to check out the national championship in dressage. There was also the national championship jumping, but we didn’t really check that out.

When we arrived the freestyle of the medium advance(z2) was starting so we decided to check it out. Freestyle is definitely not an easy thing. Specially not riding on the rhythm of the music. You could see that most of them were not used to riding to music so there were some mistakes here and there, but overall entertaining. Joyce Huitink won with a whopping 8% higher then the rest, but you could also see that she was used to riding freestyles. It was a bit more put together then the rest and the music was good. For those that doesn’t know, she the trainer of the para-national dressage team. 

I must admit I’ve heard a lot of really poorly put together music today tough. I’m happy my boyfriend didn’t come a long as his ears would bleed. Some sounded like they’ve taken the karaoke version of a famous song and hoped it would sound good. Eeek. But then again, how often do you actually ride a freestyle as a “normal” person? 

You did see quite the difference between people that work in the horsesport and just regular people when it came to performance.  It was interesting to see that you had good horses, but then there was a smashing one riding before and the good horse just end up seeming really bland. Some riders were also not really well trained in sitting trough the whole time. Overall I think it was mostly professional horse riders that were winning, which does make sense, but it was nice to see some regular riders in there as well. Gives a person hope ok 😉 

Overall a really nice day. I didn’t expect it to be so large, with so many horses everywhere. Congratulations to all those that won and came as far as compeeting there, that is an achievement on its own.


Back to work 


Yesterday it was time for our first lesson again after 3 weeks. Our stable closes in the summer for vacation which means we were left to our own. I must admit that it was really nice with the quietness, but gosh, it’s easy slacking off when no one is telling you what to do. 

Somewhere half way trough the lesson I realized that I had completely lost all of the little stamina I had and Grumpy had come accostume to the fact that I hadn’t been strict enough. Working? Naah why do that. Ah well, for the first lesson back it was alright. 

For a little bit of action I got my foot tangled in a rope on the side of the arena and for a couple of seconds my life went by in slow speed. I was so sure that this was going to be the one time I would fall off, but no no. Managed to hold on like a mosquito to a horse and stayed on. All stiff on the inside of my thighs today tough. Haha. A little action is needed now and then. I’m also to cheap to buy that cake for everyone(if you fall off you have to buy cake for everyone)….

Today it was extremely warm in the Netherlands so he got to be on the line and we did a relaxing workout. Nothing super exciting, but had to be done. 


When it doesn’t go as planned

…. you gotta find a solution.

Today I went with the plan of practicing with longer stirrups and work on my own sit.

2017-08-23 19.00.13.jpg

Firstly Grumpy was too tired because of the warm weather, so he wasn’t much into working at all. Secondly stirrups at first were to long, then too short and then I was done with trying. So we ended up going with the best solution today. Galloping in the woods.

2017-08-23 19.08.482017-08-23 19.10.052017-08-23 19.10.16

Interesting story or what? haha

Tomorrow we are going into the woods, next week all the lessons are starting again, so we will take it slow till then.




Grumpy is looking  more and more like a bodybuilder every day now. I wish I could raise my hand and said it was all down to my amazing riding, but it’s not. 

For the last half year I’ve been lunging him twice a week to build muscles and better selfcarriage. It’s done amazing work for his back as I’m not good enough to build all of those myself yet. Even if he didn’t need the twice a week lunging I actually think I would still do it. It’s so good for your horse to move without you on your back and the muscles is always a plus. 

“I’m done now right?”

So, Who’s watching the European championship in Gothenburg? I thought I had to pay for watching it, but FEI let’s you get the first month for free as long as you cancel the subscription in time.

Isabel Freese on the beautiful Bordeaux. Of course I need to show the only Norwegian 😉 


Sometimes it’s OK to take it chill 

Today both me and Grumpy were a bit tired. So instead of pushing and forcing him to move forward we took it chill. I made sure that he got his legs and back stretched and then he was allowed to chill around in the paddock. 

It’s so quiet at the stable now as most people are on vacation so it was nice to sit outside and just enjoy the sound of the nature after a busy day at work. Sounds really cheesy, but coming from Norway I’m so used to being able to walk around alone in the nature so gotta enjoy this while I can. 

Grumpy isn’t allowed to much grass, but every now and then he gets to go on it for about 15 min. He needs to be a horse sometimes to. He made sure to take full advantage of it. 

Chilled Monday in other words. Hope you had a good start to the week as well!


The bling 

When I came into the whole equestrian industry I couldn’t understand why everyone was so into the bling. It was bling here and there and everywhere. 

Lately I’ve been to a lot of competitions and watched them on tv and if you got two people competing the absolute same way, I’ve noticed that most of the time the decked out one will win. Obviously totally not how it should be, but the equestrian industry is full of “shouldn’t be’s”. 

Someone must have talked into my ear while I was sleeping tough, cause now I’m warming up to the idea myself. I still wouldn’t go for the snakeskin, bling bling and overly extravagant look, but I do think a little subtle bling is nice. 

Yesterday I had to buy a gift for my horse loving cousin and while doing that I came across this jacket : Samshield Victorine 

The jacket is very technical, nice and soft fabric and good looking. The fabric is really stretchy and I think it looks classy. It only has a little bit of bling on the end of the arms. After working in the apparel industry for so long I think I just appreciate when brands finally come out with something innovative. Let’s face it, the equestrian industry must be the most slow going industry ever. 

Anyway, this jacket will enter my goal list. At the moment it wouldn’t look good on me and with the hefty price tag of 419 euro I can’t afford it either. Once I get a bit better and I’ve done some more competitions I’ll entertain the idea again.


Stupidly expensive horse products 

Yesterday I had to drop by the horse tack shop to buy a dressage competition book. And as per usual when you do such a thing you come home with way more than you bargained for. 

Walking trough the isles my eye fell on this thing from NAF – braid it up.

It looked fancy and smelled nice. And I thought to myself “it’s the second time that I will braid, of course I need such a thing”. 


Way to go Maria. You just bought a 15 euro bottle of hairspray. I don’t even spend that much money on hairspray for myself.

Mind you I do love NAF’s product overall. Their vitamins are really great, but this is just a marketing product meant for dumb people like me. The spray is also way to hard and thin, so when I tried it out Grumpy hit his head in the ceiling. 

Best 15 euro I’ve ever spent… 


First dressage test

Pfft, I don’t think I’ve been this nervous in a long long time.

But yeah, let’s start at the beginning. Some time ago me and some stable mates decided that it was a good idea for me to do a try out dressage test at another stable. At that point in time it seemed totally fun. That all lasted all the way till this morning when I realised what I had signed up for.

But heck, I’m also to stubborn to quit, so on we went (you never get away from fear without facing it right?). Luckily I didn’t have to go alone, cause that would have not ended very well. Grumpy feeds on my nervousness, so I got Ivonne and Inge along for the ride to help me out with everything(Holla at Ruben and Sabine for the gezelligheid).


For some reason before today I was really nervous for the transportation and how he would react to a new arena. I had this image in my head that he would freak out and fall off the transportation or so. Not logical at all as he has never done this, and he didnt either. He went on like a dream, transported totally fine and when we came there I let the ladies do their thing as they know him and I didn’t want to make him nervous. Now I know why professional riders have grooms. haha.


When I came to testride Grumpy for the first time, he gave me this feeling of security, which he did again today. Riding around in the big outdoor arena felt so nice. He wasn’t spooky at all, which I had expected him to be as he can do some twist and turns on me at home. But nada of that, he listened well and if I just could have taken that feeling with me into the test I probably would have ridden the first test better.


That arena was really really big.



The second we entered the indoor arena everything went blurry. I was too nervous and he hated the white bars and the jury table at the beginning of the arena. But on we went. The longest five minutes of my life. At a certain point all that went trough my mind was “just get trough it, there is light at the end of the tunnel”. More or less everything that could go wrong, went wrong. He didn’t want to get close to the white bars, and I had my reins to long to force him. But oh well, we survived(yes you can call me miss dramatic). Can’t believe I survived holding my breath for five minutes either…

Luckily we got a second chance to redeem ourself and I got a second to breath and it went a lot better. Knowing we can still do a lot better it was still a good feeling to be able to go home knowing we got trough it properly the second time. We still got a lot to practice on, seeing the photos I definitely need to sit better, get my stirrups longer, keep the connection to the bit and loose some weight. Grumpy needs to be a lot more collected, but for now thats all alright. We got things to work on and the first step is taken so we are moving forward.

Looking back I’m so happy I bought a horse that can teach me everything I need to know and that shows me everything I do wrong, without being an ass about it. I’m also really happy I got such great stable mates that are there to support me. Thank you for the help today, couldn’t have done it without you.


To everyone starting out with dressage tests or just want to get better at riding tests I can highly recommend Proefgericht clinics by Marlon van Wissen.