Ola Ola,

The most fun day of the year for us was today. The yearly check up of Grumpy’s teeth.

I mean, I don’t blame him, I myself hate the dentist and would find any excuse not to go as a child. But to be able to keep his mouth and health as stable as possible, we gotta do it.

So today I went to the stable to sedate him before the dentist arrived. Normally he is pretty slow an hour into it, but today it seemed to work slowly. However after one and half hour we gave it a go.

We did manage to get trough most of it before the dentist accidentally made a sharp sound with the metal and Grumpy snapped out of his zen zone. Good thing my shoulder doesn’t snap out easily as he had a couple of head throws, but we got trough! Now his teeth are all good till next year.

I had a chat with the dentist to ask if he came across a lot of horses that was like Grumpy. He said that Grumpy was one of his worst cases cause most horse’s you can convince, but Grumpy will just go into a zone where you can’t convince him that it will be fine. Reminds me a lot about his owner. Haha

Glad it’s a whole year till next time.



Out with old…

And in with the new….

This first product below I’ve bought several times spite that it doesn’t really work for Grumpy. I see everyone getting beautiful mane and tail from it, but for some reason unknown, Equishine from Sectoline just doesn’t work on Grumpy.

Nothing dramatic of course, but I wanted something new that would work and I generally love the products of Cowboy magic so I thought I would give the super bodyshine a go. And wow, what a difference. Suddenly I can or Grumpy in this case can parade around with a nice mane and tail to!

It’s a tiny bit more expensive, but such a better detangler.


Oh sunny days

Ola Ola,

Today, for the first time in a long time I woke up with a happy feeling. It might be because the sun is shining, but also because I’m now done with all the traveling for a while and can focus Grumpy and myself.

I’m happy to see that he has grown muscles and seems to get a bit more into shapes everyday, even tough I’ve been gone a lot. Maybe that’s a sign…. anyhow, his hoofs are also getting better, so seems like the Leovet stuff is really working. I’ll give it another week before I write the review, to make sure I really know if it works or not.

Today we had a nice ride. It’s absolutely not were it needs to be, but he felt fresh and listened well to the aids. Afterwards I brushed off probably half of Grumpy’s hair. Also had a grooming session where I tried to make his mane look like a dressage horse, but made it a tiny bit to short. Luckily mane grows out. Haha. He was enjoying it as he fell a sleep in the middle of the grooming session.

So cute!

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday to!


Harry’s horse Centaur

Ola Ola.

Another interesting product launch. This cap from Harry’s Horse called Centaur will launch mid April and have the price range of about 100 euro.

Looking a bit like Samshields without the hefty price tag. I actually think the blue one could be really nice for competitions. Now I keep looking at them I really like the black one as well.

What do you think?


Oh no, that didn’t lay there before!


The joy of having a Zangersheide is that they can be quite weird and bloody when dealing with them.

Grumpy is generally a very secure horse, but the he has his moments where I start wondering if he has severely hit his head.

Last week someone left the poopscooper in the middle of the arena and mr thought this still standing thing was out to get him! “Hell no lady, I am not going over there!”

Then today after riding I walked with him to his stable when he suddenly stopped and wouldn’t move. As no one was around us I really couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So I stood there for a second and then I realized that someone had put a rug on the floor that normally didn’t lay there….. a woman had to come and move it for him to walk by it. Haha.

I also stood cleaning his leg when someone opened a door and he decided to run for it. So there I stood with my oilbrush in one hand and tried to grab for his tail. Oh oh. All I can do is laugh. As he stopped five meters further as he realized he was then alone.

Silly boy.

Who else has a horse like this?


A nice day at the stable

Ola Ola,

Today I was meant to come home from New York. But a long story short, because of miscommunication from the flight company I couldn’t go. So I flew to Norway and back home again the same day. Luckily my boyfriend was there to pick me up and we spent the weekend doing nice things together.

Therefore I decided that today I was going to chill out. Ride Grumpy, give him a nice overhaul and clean my tack without worrying about what the clock said. Was so nice to just hang about and not have to rush. He was feeling nice and fresh after the weekend, so we had a nice ride to.

I wish I could have days like this at the stable everyday, but then I gotta win the lottery. Won 20€ yesterday, so I’m a step closer to my pension now. Haha

Hope you have a nice evening!


PS of Sweden – Nirak


A late evening visit from me today. I just came across this new bridle from PS of Sweden. It’s called Nirak and will be released online the 1st of March. According to them this is the best bridle they have made so far. It does look interesting and I love the work of PS of Sweden, but unfortunately I cannot stand the contrasting stitching. I’m more of a black stitching kind of girl. Nonetheless it does look beautiful and is meant to have the best for the horse in mind with its anatomical design. Will probably be in around 300-400 euro range.


Hoof hardener – Leovet

Ola Ola,

Luckily we are moving to drier and sunnier seasons, but I must admit the wetness has been a killer for Grumpy’s hoofs.

After the hoof abscess a while back I’ve been noticing that Grumpy has had a bit sensitive soles and the vet said that his hoofs where it a pretty bad shape. To be honest I didn’t knew what more I could do with this as I clean them out twice a day now, put tar on them, give him Biotine supplements as well as him getting his regular training.

However last week I stood in the store I normally buy grumpys musli from and I came across a bottle of Cavalor dry feet. Little did I know that this would open up a whole new world for me. I had no idea that you had products for sensitive and brittle soles!

So I got home and started researching what could help me with his problems and I came across the new line called Hoof Lab from Leovet. This is meant to strengthen, make the crumbling and sensitivity far less. It’s also meant to make the shoe sit better on the hoof. I’ve only been using it for a couple of days, but I’ll make sure to make an update to see if it will get better.

Leovet Hoof lab – hoof oil

Leovet Hoof lab – elastic cream

The last one you are only meant to use 3 days a week, while the first one you can use all you want.

I’m hoping they will really work so that the sensitivity goes away. Otherwise I will move on to try NAF – Rock hard. I’ve also heard that you can use vinegar, but if that works I would have no idea.

Do you have experience with hoof hardeners? Please give me your insights as I know so little about this!


Fairfield Lingus Bridle


Finally it seems that we got some traction in the Horse world and brands are realizing that “hey, we can start to innovate to”. More and more brands are coming with new bridles which are created to release pressure off the horses head.

Next out in the game is Fairfield with their new bridle Lingus. This one looks rather similar to my Schockemohle Beta, but with its 66 euro price tag I can say I would have tried this before buying the beta.

Even tough the price is rather low, I’ve heard decent things about the Fairfield bridles. I’ve also had one in my hand when I went to the Kramer store and no you don’t get the best material, but for that price it’s more then ok.

You can buy the bridle HERE.


Getting there

Good morning, good morning,

I’m currently waiting at Schiphol to board my flight to Norway. Once I’m in Norway I get to wait 5 hours and then I fly to New York. One of my favorite cities in the world! Both me and my brother is turning 20-30 this year, so our mom is taking us on a trip. Can’t wait to be back there.

But as you know, waiting at the airport is pretty gosh dang boring. Therefore I figured I would write an update here to make the time pass. Yesterday I finally had a good ride with Grumpy. Earlier in the week I decided to try the old bridle to see if it would help with his nasty head shaking, but the bit on that bridle is too kind, so mr wouldn’t listen whatsoever. So now I switched back and yesterday we had a relaxing ride without to much headbanging. Generally when it’s only me riding in the arena this doesn’t appear, but when there is too many horses he gets frustrated as well as me as my arms falls off after training. But only a few weeks now and that should be gone for good…

It felt good to end on a good note as I now won’t see him until Tuesday. Eek, don’t think I realized how long that is before now, but knock on wood, he shall be fine!

Hope you all will have a good Thursday! Flight is about to board so better run.