Finally back together

Today I went to the stable for the first time after my vacation to check up on Mr.Grumpy.

It was so nice to give him a cuddle again. Amazing how attached you can get to an animal. The girl that looked after him during my vacation let me know mid week that he had some nasty wounds on his face and leg, which she was a bit worried about.

I didn’t really expect it to be much as they have a tendency to worry quickly, but wow Mr Grumpy must have had a bad day in the paddox and run into a fight with another horse. In total he has 4 wounds in his face that are not of the normal “small” ones, but these where very deep and nasty. Luckily they are healing up well and he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. The girl had already been in the forest with him today, so after giving him some LickIt and a few cuddles I let him be. Tomorrow I will finally have the chance to take some new photos and spend some more time with him. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough that we can do some horsemanship training as well. Cant wait to start training properly now to continue our journey together.



Ridebad Thursday’s 

Some people do throwback Thursday, while I seem to be doing Ridebad Thursday. Today he didn’t really want to do much, so I just warmed up his muscles and let him shake of the muscle pain from yesterday. Yesterday’s lesson was pretty hard, so he deserved a lighter day today. I’ve started looking back on the previous weeks and so far I’ve come by grumpy monday( he is totally pmsing every Monday) and then Ridebad Thursday, however the Thursday’s are more my fault as it’s the day of the week that I’m the most tired. He was a right drama going into left canter, standing still, turning around and la la la. At the end he did it, but boy was it hard work. Can’t wait till the day were I laugh of how dumb this issue was and that it doesn’t exist anymore. 

I totally forgot to take photos today, so only got these: 

So happy with my new green saddle pad from Global equestrian. It’s not the best quality, but for 10 euros it’s ok. 

At least 3 times a week I wash the hoofs of Mr.Grumpy and thereafter put on the hydrahoef from Epplejeck. It’s like a hoof oil, but still provides air and moist to the hoof. It prevents that the hoof crumbles, which is something Mr Grumpy has issues with, hence why I also give him biotine plus. It smells super nice as well, which is a big plus. 

Tomorrow it’s finally Friday, can’t wait! 

Trying me out

Since I bought Mr.Grumpy he’s been trying me out in so many different ways. Luckily for me he doesn’t really do vicious stuff, but some of them can be kinda annoying depending on what mood I’m in.

  1. Attacking in the box. He used to stand beside a very dominant Mare. For some reason he thought he always had to protect me and attach the mare every time I entered his box. Considering I was a nervous nelly in the beginning it was really annoying as I would get so scared and step out of the box. Luckily I got to move him a couple of boxes further and now its no problem at all anymore. He still doesn’t doesn’t like mares tough. haha
  2. Not accepting the bridle. In the beginning I would stand there arguing with him for ten minutes just to get the bridle on him. He wouldn’t open up his mouth for the bit whatsoever. After trying out several different ways, I’ve now got to one that goes really quick, but he is definitely still trying to test me on this one.
  3. Biting my ass when I put on the tendon boots. No clue at all why he does this, as he only does it to me and no one else. I have a tendency to bend down from the side of him and he then always tried to get a chunk of my ass. My boyfriend always laughs his ass off when he does this.
  4. Miscommunication. Every evening I make sure to stretch his neck to the sides and between his leg. I’ve been doing this with small candies otherwise he doesn’t do it. However I didn’t realise that I stand in the same way as when I ask him to lift a leg to pick out his hoofs. Which means that now when I ask him to lift his leg he puts his head between his legs. haha
  5. Walking in circles when I am about to get on him. This one he wouldn’t do in the beginning, but as I managed to get passed the bridle issue, of course he had to come up with something else. So then he started moving in circles when I would step on the little chair to get on him. I’ve now been working on this for weeks and I’m almost at a point that I can get on him right away. Such a cheeky little bastard.

I’ve now had Mr.Grumpy for about 7 months and looking back I must say I’ve been swearing a lot, but I’m grateful that he is trying me out this way instead of doing it while riding. Then I probably would have been bucked off a long time ago. He really makes me laugh more then he makes me angry, which I guess is the most important thing. I cant wait to see what the next thing he will try out is.


Big foot 

Unfortunately the leg of Mr.Grumpy was a bit swollen today so I went there after work to take him for a little walk, then cooled it down and put Betadine on it again. It’s on such a sensitive spot so my nightmare is that he has really struck himself badly.

However on Tuesday and Saturdays I have a really nice woman that rides him for me. So she promised to take good care of him and make sure he was ok. So instead of riding today I’ve been to Circuit training outdoors and thereafter I went to the beach to watch the sunset.

Somewhere in my mind I was hoping that riding alone would make me fit, but I’m starting to realize that it really doesn’t. Therefore I work out extra 3 times a week besides riding to not only feel better, but to ride better. It’s something I’ve started with since two weeks, so I’ll let you know how I get on.

Tomorrow it’s back to riding as we got a group lesson to attend together. Hopefully his leg will be fully ok again then.

Small wound 

Today while taking Mr.Grumpy out for a walk, my boyfriend noticed that Mr.Grumpy was bleeding from a wound on his left back leg. He had been let out earlier today so he probably had kicked himself a little or something along those lines. As the worried owner I was I checked with my instructor that it wasn’t something serious and after cleaning it I took him out on the lunge to check if he walked ok.

He luckily didn’t walk weird or anything like that so I decided to go to Epplejeck(horse shop) to buy some Betadine creme to put on it and let him rest a bit. By the way, all the people at Epplejeck today, gees. Insane what a bit of sales can do to people, I had to stand half an hour in line to buy my creme.

The weird thing is that I had a tought about it yesterday that the health of our horses can turn so quickly without our control. They can go from ok to totally not ok in a second. I’m glad it was something minor, want my lovely bit furry friend to be ok all the time.

Horse braids

For the clinic today I decide to braid the mane of Mr.Grumpy. It’s something I’ve never done before as we haven’t started competitions yet, but as I wanted him to look a bit pretty I decided it was time to give it a try. Luckily for me he has been out on the competition field many times before, so he stood still the entire time I was braiding him, makes it a bit easier. As I had never done it before I decided to research different ways yesterday, below you can see some of the options I came across.

braid6braid5braid 3braid2braidbraid15


Today Mr.Grumpy and me had the chance to ride in a clinic for a dressage Grand Prix rider at the stable where Mr.Grumpy stands.

As it was my turn at 11.45 I made sure to be there quite early so I was able to braid and make Mr.Grumpy clean and pretty. The clinic went pretty well, but the problem with the left canter appeared again. Unfortunately I’ve not been consequent enough in my riding from the beginning which I am now paying for. My homework for the coming weeks will be to be quick and consequent right from the beginning and not let him have his way at all.

The rest of the day I spent letting him out and thereafter I watched the rest of the combinations ride, which was really nice. I often have a tendency to think that everyone rides better then me or that they have better moving horses and it was nice to see that every struggles with different issues. It was also nice to see horses in all shapes and forms and at different levels. Definitely a day well spent at the stable 🙂

I tried taking some photos after braiding, but Mr.Grumpy would have none of it. So unfortunately the photos from today ain’t the best.

Sleepy head

Today I fell a sleep half an hour before I had to go to the stable, not a good idea. Both me and Mr.Grumpy were having problems moving forward when we had to ride, but after half an hour we luckily started moving a bit better. The first half hour he spent a lot of time reacting on his surroundings instead of listening to me. As we were riding outside there was a lot more to listen to and look at of course. Luckily he left it at one side jump and for the rest it went good.

My own riding wasn’t very good. I need to become more patient and be careful with where I place and move my hands as well as how I use my legs. My condition also needs to become better, hopefully the circuit training I’ve started doing twice a week will start showing its impact soon. However will keep practicing, tomorrow awaits another lesson.


I did manage to find the way to the vet shop today tough, where I could give in the winter blankets for Mr.Grumpy for cleaning. They were laying in the back of the car and with the sun shining on it, my whole car stank like a barn. Hopefully they will come back all shiny and clean!

Lazy day

Pfft, this heat makes me such a slow person. I went straight from work to the stable, but as I came a bit early I sat in the sun for a little before saddling Mr.Grumpy. I could have paid someone loads of money to ride today so I could keep sitting there. haha.


But no can do, Mr.Grumpy had to move, so so did I.


  • Bridle: Schockemohle
  • Saddle fur pad : Mattes
  • Saddle: Euroriding Titan II
  • Saddle Pad : BR
  • Fetlock boots : Eskadron
  • Girth : Kieffer Comfort


I was meant to have a lesson, but unfortunately something happened in the meanwhile so my lesson got cancelled. We had a bit of a ride tough, but as he was off Saturday and yesterday on the longe he was quite stubborn today. Luckily tomorrow is a new day and hopefully it goes better then, then we have group lesson from a Gr.Prix rider.

Ended the visit to the stable with this one, so good!


Tentenkamp Drachten 

Yesterday I got a note in my email that Epplejeck had a huge “garage sale” today. As I’ve never been to one and I don’t pay for gas I decided to take the trip. From where I live to Drachten it’s about 1.45 hour with car. For most other countries in the world this is nothing, but in the Netherlands driving so far basically means you’ve reached the other side of the world. Haha.

I was hoping to find a new competition jacket, but unfortunately I didn’t find one that fit me well. Instead I found a dark green saddle pad(whoop whoop), Eskadron fetlock boots(really needed as by my previous post) and a Rambo summer sheet. I probably could have bought more, but at a certain point you just buy to buy and not what you really need. They had some really beautiful bridles, but as I just got a new one I let these slide. In total I paid 40 euros, which is more then the fetlock boots are normally, so can’t complain at all. Definitely worth the ride.

I tried taking some photos of Mr.Grumpy in his new summer sheet, but he would have none of it.