Grumpy is looking  more and more like a bodybuilder every day now. I wish I could raise my hand and said it was all down to my amazing riding, but it’s not. 

For the last half year I’ve been lunging him twice a week to build muscles and better selfcarriage. It’s done amazing work for his back as I’m not good enough to build all of those myself yet. Even if he didn’t need the twice a week lunging I actually think I would still do it. It’s so good for your horse to move without you on your back and the muscles is always a plus. 

“I’m done now right?”

So, Who’s watching the European championship in Gothenburg? I thought I had to pay for watching it, but FEI let’s you get the first month for free as long as you cancel the subscription in time.

Isabel Freese on the beautiful Bordeaux. Of course I need to show the only Norwegian 😉 



Sometimes it’s OK to take it chill 

Today both me and Grumpy were a bit tired. So instead of pushing and forcing him to move forward we took it chill. I made sure that he got his legs and back stretched and then he was allowed to chill around in the paddock. 

It’s so quiet at the stable now as most people are on vacation so it was nice to sit outside and just enjoy the sound of the nature after a busy day at work. Sounds really cheesy, but coming from Norway I’m so used to being able to walk around alone in the nature so gotta enjoy this while I can. 

Grumpy isn’t allowed to much grass, but every now and then he gets to go on it for about 15 min. He needs to be a horse sometimes to. He made sure to take full advantage of it. 

Chilled Monday in other words. Hope you had a good start to the week as well!


First dressage test

Pfft, I don’t think I’ve been this nervous in a long long time.

But yeah, let’s start at the beginning. Some time ago me and some stable mates decided that it was a good idea for me to do a try out dressage test at another stable. At that point in time it seemed totally fun. That all lasted all the way till this morning when I realised what I had signed up for.

But heck, I’m also to stubborn to quit, so on we went (you never get away from fear without facing it right?). Luckily I didn’t have to go alone, cause that would have not ended very well. Grumpy feeds on my nervousness, so I got Ivonne and Inge along for the ride to help me out with everything(Holla at Ruben and Sabine for the gezelligheid).


For some reason before today I was really nervous for the transportation and how he would react to a new arena. I had this image in my head that he would freak out and fall off the transportation or so. Not logical at all as he has never done this, and he didnt either. He went on like a dream, transported totally fine and when we came there I let the ladies do their thing as they know him and I didn’t want to make him nervous. Now I know why professional riders have grooms. haha.


When I came to testride Grumpy for the first time, he gave me this feeling of security, which he did again today. Riding around in the big outdoor arena felt so nice. He wasn’t spooky at all, which I had expected him to be as he can do some twist and turns on me at home. But nada of that, he listened well and if I just could have taken that feeling with me into the test I probably would have ridden the first test better.


That arena was really really big.



The second we entered the indoor arena everything went blurry. I was too nervous and he hated the white bars and the jury table at the beginning of the arena. But on we went. The longest five minutes of my life. At a certain point all that went trough my mind was “just get trough it, there is light at the end of the tunnel”. More or less everything that could go wrong, went wrong. He didn’t want to get close to the white bars, and I had my reins to long to force him. But oh well, we survived(yes you can call me miss dramatic). Can’t believe I survived holding my breath for five minutes either…

Luckily we got a second chance to redeem ourself and I got a second to breath and it went a lot better. Knowing we can still do a lot better it was still a good feeling to be able to go home knowing we got trough it properly the second time. We still got a lot to practice on, seeing the photos I definitely need to sit better, get my stirrups longer, keep the connection to the bit and loose some weight. Grumpy needs to be a lot more collected, but for now thats all alright. We got things to work on and the first step is taken so we are moving forward.

Looking back I’m so happy I bought a horse that can teach me everything I need to know and that shows me everything I do wrong, without being an ass about it. I’m also really happy I got such great stable mates that are there to support me. Thank you for the help today, couldn’t have done it without you.


To everyone starting out with dressage tests or just want to get better at riding tests I can highly recommend Proefgericht clinics by Marlon van Wissen.





Equilab Sunday and competition


Hope your enjoying your Sunday!

Today I finally had time to try out the app Equilab(that I mentioned in an earlier post) properly. What a fun little app it is when you got time to really use it. Below you can see my workout today. How funny isn’t it that you can see my whole stable on the photo? Crazy how technology works today. Anyhow, the workout. I focused on getting those transitions better, from walk to trot. Its funny how you see me walking more in the middle though, probably because I find it to long to walk to the other side. haha.

2017-07-02 17.08.04

As I’m starting to feel like I’m finally starting to get a hang of things I’m not on lookout for a dressage test based clinic in august, so that I can start out with that. I need to get out my big girl pants and just go for it now. Otherwise like my trainer says “It will never happen Maria”, which is true. So if anyone know any, let me know!

Today we also had a dressage competition at my stable, so I got up bright and early to support my trainer and Inge in medium advances levels. The weather started out really grey and my photo skills I must have left in bed, cause the amount of blurry fotos I had was not normal. Gotta focus some more next time! Here is a selection of todays fotos:

Gosh I wish that dirty laundry would move itself from the basket to the washing machine, but unfortunately thats not going to happy anything soon unless I do it myself. So happy Sunday to you all, hopefully you don’t have to do dirty laundry like me. haha

Equilab – Horse app 


I just came across an app that seems great for us horse lovers. 

The app is called Equilab and what it does is literally keeping a diary of your trainings. It checks how many minutes you use on walk, canter and trot. It also sees how far you’ve travelled with the horse and for how long you trained. 

It’s super easy to set up and you can track several horses. It’s also super easy to share the details of your trainings with your coach. If you put in body wheight of you and your horse it will also track how much energy/calories you’ve used. You can also put in the stable you ride on and share the details with other stable riders if you want

I must admit I haven’t used mine yet, but read about it on Lina Dolk’s blog and found it really interesting. Going to test it out tomorrow. You can find it on AppStore under Equilab and it’s totally for free. 

If you test it out, let me know how it went!




Long time, no see! 

Now I’ve finally settled a bit in my new job and have time to focus on the blog again. 

Today I did something super interesting called a flexchair. For those who doesn’t know what it is: you sit on a chair that is formed like a saddle that is connected with a laptop. On the laptop you can see if you for example sit in the middle of your saddle , if you lean to one side, if you move your pelvis in the right way and so forth. Super useful when it comes to horseriding as you can see if you put pressure on the horseback in the wrong way or not.

Before I went in I was a bit afraid that the outcome would be that I sit skewed as you see this with a lot of riders(leaning to one side or the other). However my outcome was that I sit very straight, but I need to dare to release my back and move my pelvis better front to back and vice versa so that I move better with the horse’s movements. She said I had a really good moving pelvis(how dirty is that word by the way?), I just had to learn to use it in the right way and release it. As she had dealt with horses with kissing spine she gave me some really good tips to use while riding Grumpy as well. 

I almost think they should make such chairs obligatory if you ride on a certain level as it gives you great insights. It can save your a lot of trips to the vet if you find out early that you sit skewed and you can fix it. I at least found it super interesting and useful. 

Now I’m going to read trough an article my instructor gave me to learn some more. 

Hope you’ve had a good Sunday!


People who inspire me 


(Be prepared for cheesy quotes to get you going) 

Some people grow up being super fans of certain bands or celebrities, but for some unknown reason I’ve never had that. However there are certain people that I follow/look up to based on how they perform or keep their horses. Whenever I’m in a dip I think about the list below and remembering what I’m working towards. 

Horse riding : if there is one thing I can watch for hours then it’s people that steer a  horse around without moving at all themselves. Unfortunately you hardly come across such people(let’s face it, even Isabel Werth have coach potato tendencies), but Charlotte Dujardin does one heck of a great job. What I love the most about her is that she doesn’t believe she’s done learning. So many people think their already Anky, and if you believe that, your never going to improve. Besides her I enjoy watching people that show off young stallions at shows cause those are the ones that really hustle and generally ride great.

Horsekeeping: Carl Hester. A lot of Carl’s principals when it comes to horse keeping crosses paths with those of mine. He believes that you need to start handling a horse from a young age and get it used to the environment to be able to enjoy it later on. He also believe in a very varied schedule and a lot of turnout. Bored horses become troubled horses. And people wonder why their horse is stiff when it’s been inside all day….. Hoho

Rider fitness: Anne and Lotte Meulendijks. If you’ve ever seen the vlogs of Anne and Lotte Meulendijks you’ve seen that they have one hell of a tight training schedule. When your sleeping, they are in the gym. I wish I had their discipline, but I really need to strengthen my core if I want a better positioning in the saddle. So every time I’m being lazy I’m remember why it’s so important and it makes it a bit easier to get going. 

So,  now I can forget the horrible riding I’ve done this week and move forward haha. 💪🏻


Words become so meaningless 

I was going to write a whole post about the horrible terrorist attacks going on around the world at the moment, but in such situations words become so meaningsless. Nothing I say can bring anyone back to life. 

What scares me is that it seems we’ve gotten to a point where we just let it happen and hope that it won’t be us next time. Is that the right way to go about it? Maybe we should start caring a little more, show a little more compassion and let people feel a part of the community. Realizing that you can do something for other people without expecting something back.

I’ve decided to see if I can find a little girl or boy that can’t afford horseriding, but really wants to and set up a monthly little play date with him or her. There isn’t much I can singlehandingly do to stop terrorism, but teaching a child that there is love in this world is a least one step in the right direction. 

If you know about a charity that does this in the Netherlands, please let me know. 

My heart goes out to everyone that lost someone in Manila, Syria and England the last two weeks. 


Friday eve

And there you go again, the week pass by so quickly. Wasn’t it just Sunday? Anyway, a long weekend ahead, so can’t complain!

2016-06-02 16.41.58-2

I was dumb enough to clean his saddle on Tuesday, which meant slipper slope on Wednesday. That together with having to have the stirrups longer because of a flesh wound on my knee made for a very interesting lesson in balance. And now your thinking, “But you shouldn’t clean the top of your saddle”. I know I know, but I normally put conditioner on it afterwards and then your literally stuck in the saddle instead. ah well, a little balance training can’t hurt anyone.

As I started my new job this week, Grumpy had to be put a bit on the back burner till I get settled. Need to come up with a new riding plan as well as I can’t ride earlier on the day anymore. I don’t understand how women can have full time jobs, children and then a horse. Must be superheros with more hours in a day then me! But ill figure it out somehow, just have to get used to it again.

2016-06-02 16.42.02-2

These photos are from exactly one year ago. So funny to see he haven’t changed much, just a bit more muscly.

Now I’m going to crash in bed, my brain is literally fried after a lot of new information entering it. Hope you’ll have a lovely weekend!