MacGyver in the House 


Pfft, please remind me that next time I buy a horse I’ll buy one that is to lazy to lift it’s leg. Would make life a hell lot easier right now. 

Anyhow, today guys, today I was allowed to smear cream on the front hoofs without much problems. Hallelujah. You have no idea how happy I am. After 7 days of having to ask people if they want to risk their life for my horse I’m finally able to do things myself. On the back legs I had to use my invented smear-stick, but it worked pretty well. I put him back in the stable to relax afterwards before I took him out again to clean out the downside of the hoofs. At first he didn’t trust me, but after five minutes of cuddling and relaxing and trying he starting gaining trust again so we ended the evening on a good note. 

The rain-rot is also almost gone. So hopefully towards the end of the week we can start longing to start moving again. I tried today,  but it simply hurts to much. I want him to work trough his whole body before anyone gets on him to loosen up muscles that are now pretty tight from stress. But first things first, the heel need to heal first. 



A long story short 


I could make this story very long, but I’ll try to keep it short. 

Monday this week, I noticed something was up. His back legs were a bit swollen and he was nicer than normal. Let’s just say he generally lives up to his name. However I figured he was just a bit different then normal and didn’t think more off it. Next day when I arrived at the stable all 4 legs were thick and he had fever. 

After two visits from the vet it was clear he had a virus, rain rot and grease heels(mok). Yep, it’s been a very very long week. Seeing him in so much pain has been hard.

However I’m happy it’s been identified what he has so we can battle the issues. His vitamines has been upped to hopefully give him a better immune system. The rain rot has been washes with Betadine shampoo, so hopefully that one will clear soon. The virus he got an injection for so hopefully that one is out the door too. And then you got the lovely grease heel.

When you have a “bloody” and very skeptical horse like Grumpy, it’s a mission and a half to get it cleaned and cream in it. He’s in so much pain that the moment you come close he kicks. I’ve even invented the smear stick. That’s when you have to use a long stick with a flap or sponge on the end, which you put cream on and you can then rather safely from distance smear the cream on the painful areas. Luckily I have great people around me that are patiently willing to help. This week would have been a true nightmare without them as I couldn’t have done it alone.  I’ve also become a lot quicker in my movements this week. Gotta look at the positives you know. Gonna be a ninja before this is all over. Haha. Just hope it will start giving in soon so that he doesn’t loose more back muscles from standing still and not working. 

I gotta give a “best boyfriend award” to my boyfriend this week tough. He’s so sweet that he stocked up the fridge with food before he jetted off to Argentina this weekend cause he knew I would be to tired to bother to go and buy food. He’s also bought towels and betadine shampoo for Grumpy as I had to work. How sweet is that?

Since it’s been a lot of focus on treatments and vets this week I’m going to give Grumpy off tomorrow from all things horrid. Just small walks, apples, carrots and cuddles. 

Guess I failed at the long story short. Ah well. Every experience is a learning. Grumpy will be all good again soon. 


New experience 


Finally I got to ride Grumpy again today. Vacation was great, but being away from him for a week feels like forever. 

During my vacation he managed to dint his nose slightly. His whole box has been searched and we can’t find out on what, but oh well, his nose is currently slightly swollen and he looks a bit sadface. 

Which brings me to my new experience, riding without a noseband. I was a bit afraid I would loose the contact, but he was actually a lot finer to ride without the pressure on his nose. The only thing was that when he got hot I didn’t have as much say as normal. So then comes the question, to ditch the current noseband and go for another one or keep riding on the one I have. I must admit I’ve got no clue about bridles and nosebands, so I will have to read up on it and talk with some people for information. I know you got the new Micklem Bridles from Horseware, but I’ve got no clue if this reliefs the pressure and if it’s just a fashion hype. I know you can try low nosebands, but for some reason I can’t stand the looks of them. However if it works, maybe that’s a thing to try to. Ah well, never standing still in Horse land, once you’ve overcome one problem, you’ll find the next one 😉

If you got tips, feel free to fire them over!


Tack shopping in Mallorca 


Happy animal day! With all of these photos of animals on my social media I end up missing Grumpy more and more. He is being taken really good care of tough, so bet he doesn’t miss me at all. Hehe 

After one to many hours in the sun today, me and my boyfriend were laying bored at the hotel room. We are not drinkers and not really wine and dine every night kinda people, so after 3 days of watching series and shopping we decided to see what Mallorca had to offer when it comes to Horse stuff. Might have been me who decided that, but oh well, he was happy to get out of the room 😉 

After some googling I found two shops. The Zona EQuus and the Horse shop. As the island is known for it leather works I was hoping one of them would have a nice leather halter. 

We first went to EQuus which was a nice shop full of different brands from cheap to expensive. I was surprised to see how cheap, good breeches seemed to be. Many of them where like 50-60 euro, while in NL they would be at least a 100 euro. I found one halter here, but was so in doubt I didn’t buy it. They also had a Emerald Green Equiline saddle pad I’ve been wanting forever, but would have no clue how to bring that with me back home. Wouldn’t surprise me if Easyjet would charge me extra to carry it on. Haha 

Leather halter from EQuus own brand. Can be bought HERE

Secondly we went to The Horse Shop, which was almost so fancy I felt I had to go back home to change clothes before I went in. They sold all the expensive brands you would want from Kingsland, Prestige, Dyon to Equiline and so forth. They had a leather halter from Dyon, but at 130 euro I let it pass. 

In the end I actually didn’t end up buying anything, but it was interesting to see which brands they have here compared to home. I saw an amazing sheep skin girth that was so much cheaper then in NL. Hope you’ve had a good animal day! 


Things you probably didn’t realize 

There is a lot of obvious things you see and do, but never realized the reason for it and how it might affect your horse. Makes sense no?  Haha, let me just get into it. Just a disclaimer, this info was found after thorough research on the Internet. 

*Drying your horse with a sweat scraper after a shower.

So I used to think that people would dry their horse quickly because it was annoying to get the water everywhere when you walked back to the stable and you wanted it to dry quicker. However it’s actually really important that you dry your horse in the summer with a sweat scrape if you shower it after working. If you don’t the water will lay on the horses coat and become extremely warm as the heat from the horse will heat it up and the horse itself is generally not equipped to deal with such heat. 

*Everyone else has put a rug on so must I.

You might think that it’s not a problem that your horse is sweating a bit under its rug, but nothing is further from the truth. A too warm horse left over a certain amount of time can get colic and even an heart attack. So make sure your horse is not too hot under its winter rug. 

*Ever wondered what those white spot on your horses legs or around the back are? 

Let’s say you have a black horse, and you’ve had fetlock boots on and you’ve started noticing that there is white patches  starting to appear on the area of the boots. This is because when you put too much pressure on a horses coat for too long it kills the pigmentation in the hair and in return you get white hair. You’ll see this a lot around illfitting saddles and boots that are put on too tight. 

*I’ll just quickly put saddlegrease on my boots.

Eek, do you want too soft boots that start slouching? No? Then start using bootcleaner and care instead. 

Hope you learned something new. Hoho


Roeckl Madison 

Man, I wonder how many hours I’ve spent at the glove department at tackstores. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little, but I was born with rather small hands, which in return means that most gloves are to big. 

A while ago I needed to find some riding gloves for my cute little nephew and since his hands are about as big as mine I started trying our various ones at the store. I’ve tried so many Roeckl gloves, but never found one that fit, untill that time. To my surprise their cheapest glove fit so nicely! I’ve always used the Ariat tek-grip one, but it seems that they’ve changed the sizing and it no longer fits me. Did you ever have that your mom forced you to wear too big tights under skirts? And they kept sliding down and giving you diaper ass. For some reason that’s what the Ariats remind me of now. Haha.

Anyhow, if you want to check them out yourself, it’s the Roeckl Madison and they sell for about 20-25€. I bought mine at Horze with a discount, so paid 15€ which isn’t bad for Roeckl gloves. 


Hello from Mallorca 

Finally it was my turn to say “I am going on vacation”. Yesterday me and the boyfriend flew to Mallorca for a one week getaway. 

I must admit I always freak out a bit leaving Grumpy behind. As the control freak in me wants to be there with him the entire time, but sometimes you gotta let go no? I know he is in great hands, so I have nothing to worry about. 

We enjoyed some relaxation time before I left. 

Today is also the day that I met Grumpy for the first time two years ago. Today is also the day that my trainer is leaving the stable to go work for another one. She was the main reason why me and Grumpy ended up back at this stable after a very turbulent first week together. I must admit it feels a bit like loosing half a leg as she’s been my support system trough this bumpy ride with him, She’s been there to hear me whine and let me know to get my shit together when it was nessescary. We’ve had countless private lessons and conversations about horsemanship and what’s best for Grumpy. If she would have said she would leave a year ago I probably would have freaked out, but luckily I feel that me and Grumpy have learned a lot and that we can survive on our own now, hoho. It won’t take away the fact that we will miss you Kim! Luckily The Netherlands is very small, so I can visit her easily! 

Kim used to ride and compete with Grumpy.

I’m sad I can’t be there today to say goodbye, but I’ll see you soon! 👋🏻

Now sun time! See you later.


Change of schedule 

Oh finally Friday. This week felt like twelv years, it was like it was never going to end, but we made it guys. Finally on the sofa with my favorite liquorish and movie. 

Yesterday I had the worst ride. Grumpy hates circles, I therefore hate circles. Man, I even screamed in the lesson that he was for sale. The monster Maria comes out when I’m tired and nope it’s not pretty. Grumpy spent half an hour getting warm and less stiff and then he spent half an hour being a super strong neurotic racehorse. My arms where complete jellyfish afterwards. 

Today on the other hand he was much more relaxed and we could follow our own routine as we were riding alone. I’m starting to notice on Grumpy that he is finding the group lessons harder and harder. He becomes stressed when it’s to many horses and I’m not always able to warm him up in the way I know works for him. So moving forward there will be some changes to our riding schedule. I know some is going to say this is redicolous, but it’s time to listen to what he wants so I’ll make sure to take a group lesson less a week. If that makes him more relaxed then so be it. It will be more enjoyable for the both of us in the end.

Sunday we are staring to practice for our first competition together. Eeeek

Have a lovely weekend! 

A reminder 

First of all I just want to say that I’m not sharing this story to come across as better person then others, I’m sharing it because it reminded me of something. 

An hour ago I hurried to go to the supermarket before it closed. As I entered the cash desk to pay for my groceries I see the cashier counting pennies for the woman in front of me. And we are not talking a few, we are talking 7 euros in 10 cents to pay for her groceries. 

I quickly could see on the woman that she didn’t have a lot of money. She seemed quite nervous and ashamed that she had to pay with only pennies. The cashier finishes counting and she’s missing 10 cents to pay for her groceries. 10 cents that for most people is something we totally take for granted. The cashier then continues to ask if the woman can pay with her card upon which the woman quickly answers “no”.

As I didn’t mind I offered to pay it. The woman looks at me and almost start crying and says thank you loads of times. 

10 cents.

I worry about how much my next horse is going to cost me. I’m an idiot.  

The Rambo dry rug drama 

You know that feeling when you finally can sleep long and you wake up at 6 am totally happy and rested? Well, yesterday I had that. Today my alarm was at 8 am and I woke up with the most grumpy and tired face ever. Like only a proper woman can be;)

The whole they have been spent sleeping and going to the barn twice to let Grumpy out and in the walker. I’ve also tried to take on the job of cleaning my Rambo dry rug. I love the rug, but gees every single little thing gets stuck on it. 

I took it home to try out different ways of cleaning it. Magic brush, cat hair brush, sticky tape and vacuum cleaner, but I simply can’t get it clean enough to be able to get it into the washing machine. So I stood there on my balcony with a face as long as a horse and kept trying to get it out. 

I’m officially defeated. 

So I sat down at the dinner table and had a good old whine about it, untill I started laughing of my first world problems. If my only problems is to loose wheight and cleaning a rug, then I really don’t have that much to complain about. 

Tomorrow I’ll buy some duck tape and hopefully that should help. But be aware, if you want this rug, make sure that you know it’s a nightmare to clean.