Body Parts don’t fit together

Holy moly,

Sometimes I wonder if my legs are actually connected to my body.

After fixing the saddle last week Grumpy was moving so well, until yesterday. All I simply wanted to do was to move my left leg a bit back, put pressure with my right leg, keep my hands still and have him go into left canter, but no, no no no no no. I’ve been given a body who does not coordinate what so ever.

Body :”You want to move that left leg? Oh I’ll just push your arms forward then so you lose connection with your horse”

Grumpy is trying his best to understand what I mean, but he is going all over the place. Gosh I am happy he has not kicked me off yet, which most horses would.

Sometimes I really wonder why I didn’t decide to play chess or something that didn’t need body coordination. Would have made my life so much simpler.

But as my mom always said when I came crying, “practice makes queen” so gotta bite my teeth together and believe the process. Tomorrow I’m leaving for Norway for a couple of days, but once I’m back it’s back to bootcamp. Even if I need to cry my way trough it, I’m bloody gonna get that coordination together.

If you got any tips on how to fix it, let me know!


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