Oh sunny days

Ola Ola,

Today, for the first time in a long time I woke up with a happy feeling. It might be because the sun is shining, but also because I’m now done with all the traveling for a while and can focus Grumpy and myself.

I’m happy to see that he has grown muscles and seems to get a bit more into shapes everyday, even tough I’ve been gone a lot. Maybe that’s a sign…. anyhow, his hoofs are also getting better, so seems like the Leovet stuff is really working. I’ll give it another week before I write the review, to make sure I really know if it works or not.

Today we had a nice ride. It’s absolutely not were it needs to be, but he felt fresh and listened well to the aids. Afterwards I brushed off probably half of Grumpy’s hair. Also had a grooming session where I tried to make his mane look like a dressage horse, but made it a tiny bit to short. Luckily mane grows out. Haha. He was enjoying it as he fell a sleep in the middle of the grooming session.

So cute!

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday to!



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