Hoof hardener – Leovet

Ola Ola,

Luckily we are moving to drier and sunnier seasons, but I must admit the wetness has been a killer for Grumpy’s hoofs.

After the hoof abscess a while back I’ve been noticing that Grumpy has had a bit sensitive soles and the vet said that his hoofs where it a pretty bad shape. To be honest I didn’t knew what more I could do with this as I clean them out twice a day now, put tar on them, give him Biotine supplements as well as him getting his regular training.

However last week I stood in the store I normally buy grumpys musli from and I came across a bottle of Cavalor dry feet. Little did I know that this would open up a whole new world for me. I had no idea that you had products for sensitive and brittle soles!

So I got home and started researching what could help me with his problems and I came across the new line called Hoof Lab from Leovet. This is meant to strengthen, make the crumbling and sensitivity far less. It’s also meant to make the shoe sit better on the hoof. I’ve only been using it for a couple of days, but I’ll make sure to make an update to see if it will get better.

Leovet Hoof lab – hoof oil

Leovet Hoof lab – elastic cream

The last one you are only meant to use 3 days a week, while the first one you can use all you want.

I’m hoping they will really work so that the sensitivity goes away. Otherwise I will move on to try NAF – Rock hard. I’ve also heard that you can use vinegar, but if that works I would have no idea.

Do you have experience with hoof hardeners? Please give me your insights as I know so little about this!



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