Left arm gone missing

Ola Ola,

Have you seen my left arm? I’m kinda missing it at the moment. Normally it’s there, but once I start riding it’s disappears.

It’s amazing how two different directions can be so widely different. When I ride right walk, trot and canter I have no problem at all. He bends and listens well. But then, then I shift to the left side and I become some kinda uncontrolled doll that don’t know where to place her hands. The transition to left canter is really all over the place at the moment. Kangaroo style it is. Can’t they introduce that to the dressage protocol? Then I can get some nice points, haha.

The good news is that Grumpy is feeling fresh and well. Knock on bloody wood! So onwards we go with building up some back muscles again. I was checking out some old pictures from last year yesterday and funnily enough his back was stronger, but his neck weak. While now his neck is a lot stronger. Meaning I do ride better, just need to build some muscles. But funny to see, at least things are going forward then 🙂

Stole this picture from Ivonne, thanks 😉

Have a nice evening!



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