Today was the day. The fluffy bear was going to become half fluffy bear. 

I’ve been practicing with the clipper the entire week to make sure Grumpy would become used to the sound and feeling of the machine. This is how he looked after that:

And tadaa. This is how he looks now:

He did get sedated with a gel and had a earnet on. But this he shook of in the beginning of the clipping so we left it off. It took quite some time as we had to use the small clipper, but managed to fix the entire neck and a stripe on the belly and ass in the end. He didn’t move at all so it was no problem. 

Now I’m going to leave it like this and if we want to take off more, we will do so next week. However I feel quite relieved that it went so easy. Thank you so so much with the help Ivonne. Your a star!

If anyone want this earnet, let me know as I don’t need it anymore. Haha 



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