Fred Kroket 

Ola Ola, 

I must admit when I sat at the bar waiting to hear which horse I was going to be put on yesterday, I had cold sweat down my back. I was really wondering why I had decided to ride on a schoolhorse. 

However as stubborn as I am I was not going to back out, so on we went. Fredje and me. Fred is a tank, quite a lot larger than Grumpy and even tough he’s a tank, he’s a very forward thinking horse. With the smallest amount of leg, he thinks forward. Very different from Grumpy which is a lazy horse. Grumpy also goes in the curl pretty easily and Fred would have none of that. 

Eventough I looked like a fool and I couldn’t sit in the canter I don’t mind. I bought Grumpy because I had so much anxiety I didn’t manage to deal with riding all the different schoolhorses. So stepping on another one after 2 years is a win win no matter how it looks the first times. Depending on how Grumpy progressing next week I’ll probably ride some more lessons on schoolhorses. Then I can also practice sitting trot which I can’t do on him.

Today was the first day I can honestly say his legs looks closer to normal then thick. I washed his legs as there where some rain-rot left and after drying him completely I kept drying him with a towel, but putting cream on his legs at the same time. Which went great expect for one. We tried doing it with the stick, but then he freaked so I let him go and eat a little before I took him out again to clean his hoofs. After letting him lift his legs several times I warmed up cream between my hands and let him lift the leg one last time and it all went smoothly. Patience is a virtue…..

But it seems to go better with him so that’s the good thing. Hopefully it will all be over soon. Can’t wait to ride on him again!



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