Words become so meaningless 

I was going to write a whole post about the horrible terrorist attacks going on around the world at the moment, but in such situations words become so meaningsless. Nothing I say can bring anyone back to life. 

What scares me is that it seems we’ve gotten to a point where we just let it happen and hope that it won’t be us next time. Is that the right way to go about it? Maybe we should start caring a little more, show a little more compassion and let people feel a part of the community. Realizing that you can do something for other people without expecting something back.

I’ve decided to see if I can find a little girl or boy that can’t afford horseriding, but really wants to and set up a monthly little play date with him or her. There isn’t much I can singlehandingly do to stop terrorism, but teaching a child that there is love in this world is a least one step in the right direction. 

If you know about a charity that does this in the Netherlands, please let me know. 

My heart goes out to everyone that lost someone in Manila, Syria and England the last two weeks. 



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