Hair Hair Hair and some eventing 


I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy over an animal shedding its coat, but Grumpy has finally started shedding. Now I only have to spend a month brushing him, but oh well, I’m still happy with the fact that he soon won’t be a bear anymore. 

Someone didn’t like me after I lunged him today. Haha 

Anyhow, over to something completely different. Eventing. I’m kinda trying to decide whether these people are just completely insane or just doesn’t have a mind at all. Somewhere in between there they must be. I was watching the cross part from Badminton this weekend and I must just say wow, big respect to the people daring to do that. I for one would pee my pants and faint if I tried. I might go to my first Dutch one to look on Saturday, depends how the weather goes, we shall see.



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