Happy Friday 

Ola Ola,

Happy Friday to you! 

Today me and Grumpy had such a good lesson. It feels like some of the pieces are finally falling in to place now. I still need to work on my connection with the bit and my  own legwork, but finally feel like we are moving forward. I’m also noticing that the physio work I had done on my back has helped me a lot, as I now sit better in the saddle. I just wonder why I spent 1 year considering going to the physio instead of just going, lesson learnt for next time. 

Grumpy is finally getting more buff again.

I was hoping Grumpy would have started to shed more hair by now, but he is letting me wait very patiently. I’m almost at a point where I am considering shaving him, but as I need to sedate him with a needle for that I’m a bit unsure if I bother to, knowing he should start to shed within a couple of weeks. Will just have to spend hours cleaning that sweat in the meanwhile. 

Tomorrow morning I have the last lesson of the week before I get to pick up the boyfriend at the airport again. It’s our last Saturday together before the crazy summer touring starts. Until end of September we have about 2-3 weekends together. Luckily I have Grumpy as a second boyfriend 😉 

Have a good weekend.



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