When you fall off you gotta get back on again 

The weather today, so good! Makes such a difference walking out your front door feeling like summer is coming. 

Because of the beautiful weather it was time for this years first outside group lesson as well. I can hear all of those with only a outdoor arena sigh by that sentence. Haha. I know, I’m spoilt. 

The lesson was so so, I had a lot of tension which Mr. Grumpy could feel. At one point he got scared of something or probably found me to annoying so he bucket pretty bad and ran off. Which for me wasn’t a problem, but he scared another horse so badly that the owner fell off. Luckily the owner is a tough cookie and got back up again and went on riding. Big respect! I would have felt so bad if she was hurt. 

When I’ve been away from Mr.Grumpy for some days I always seem to need some days to get back into the rhythm again. So hopefully tomorrow we will be back riding as usual again. 



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