What has happened since last time 


Been a busy couples of days, this is what has gone down:

* I’ve turned 30. Need to get used to saying that. When I was 15, 30 year old people were considering almost close to the end of life. Haha. I’ve got so many nice messages and my tack closet was even decorated today. Ain’t that bad turning year then! 

* Mr.Grumpy has turned into a hairy bear. I know I’m going to sound like a barbiedoll right now, but I can’t stand hairy horses. Since I can’t shave him with a machine I’m almost at the point where I’m just going to use hair removal cream on him(don’t worry I wont). 

* The sport massage seems to be working, he walks a lot more trough his whole body now which is good news. So it was well worth the money. 

* On Monday as I was saddling him up I turned around to grab my saddle and what does he do? He trots off to his friend around the corner. There I stood with my saddle in my hand swearing ugly words inside me. It’s a shame they didn’t have a camera filming us, would have been funny. 

* As the sweet owner I am I bought him a toy yesterday thinking that he would like it. But the spoiled diva thought it was going to kill him, so the dog got it instead. 

At least someone got happy with it! 



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