Head to the sand 

Today has been such a chill day. 

I finally got around to clean all my tack. So now everything is shiny and pretty again. I used to do it every Sunday, but fell out of the routine a bit over the last few months. Clean stuff, clean mind.

Wednesday means lungeday for Mr.Grumpy as usual. Since the sun was shining it was actually super nice to be outside. 

The last few months I’ve been working on him releasing/using his back and neck without having to use lungeaid. Today we started of with using it, and when he was warm enough I took it off again. To my surprise he released really quickly and moved a lot more suppled. 

This is his “typical” way of moving. Neck way to high and back being completely stiff. Below you can see where are now:

As he was a bit too slow today he wasn’t moving his behind part as well as he should. But it’s definitely improving and going forward. For some reason I find it super fun to see how he is improving and building more muscles. For some weird reason its giving me motivation to work out myself, as I always get demotivated when I don’t see the results. Who would have thought a horse was needed for that. Haha.

Hope you’ve had a nice day.



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