Rider’s dip 

I don’t know if such a think actually excists, but I’m currently going through a major riders dip. 

I want this blog to be a happy place, but sometimes things ain’t that great and since it’s my blog I want to write about those times to. If you rather want products and sunshine, you should come back tomorrow 🙂 

I love horse riding, but for the last weeks it feels more as a burden than fun. I’m continuously so focused on Mr.Grumpys back that I forget having fun while riding. I go to the stable with a sinking feeling that the more I ride, the worse his back will get and that is not a nice feeling. I am doing everything in my power to keep his back ok for me to continue riding, but then the question appears: Do I keep riding him till he can’t walk properly anymore, or do I let him go off with pension earlier? I don’t know where the finishline is and it feels frustrating. 

It’s also gets dark so early at the moment that by the time I get to the stable I don’t have a chance of taking any photos for this blog or more importantly ride outside. I am not a hero outside and riding in the dark is definitely not my preference. I’m noticing on Mr.Grumpy as well that he doesn’t enjoy riding inside in the lessons all week either. 

Today I have a day off so I will go and ride by myself to get my head cleared a bit. The rest of the weekend I’ve decided not to go to the stable just to get some time apart. With most dips in life they do tend to lift after a while, so hopefully come Monday i will feel better.

If you got tips on how to get out of a riders dip, bring them on 🙂

Have a nice friday!



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