Be seen in the dark

On one side I love that it is getting early dark outside, it gives you the chance to crawl underneath your blanket and enjoy a nice cup of tea on your sofa without having to feel bad cause its so nice outside, but on the other hand, the dark can bring some problems to.

I come from the land of darkness, the winters in Norway can feel endlessly long. In my hometown you get about 4 hours of daylight during winter. Which means that you grow up wearing light reflection products

from a very young age. Even now when I’m home my grandmother will force me to wear one if Im going out so that cars can see me.

Many people forget that even tough your on a large creature, if your horse if of a dark colour and you wear black clothes it can be extremely difficult to see you. Below you can find a selection of product that will help you get noticed even when its pitch black outside.

Shoe clip and win from Waldhausen and the rest from Epplejeck.

Getting hurt or even dying because someone didn’t see you…….



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