Happy Animal Day 

As most of you probably know already, today is the world animal day. 

Mr.Grumpy celebrated it by rolling around in the mudd without a rug on. Very cute, until you realize that you’re the one that has to clean it up. 

Something ala this without the rug. But hey, since it was Animal day, I’ll allow it for this time only. 

He was super cute afterwards when I came to pick him up. He didn’t hear me coming from the other side of the paddock so when I arrived and screamed his name he came galloping towards me. Wish I had filmed it as it definitely felt like a little penny moment. Haha. 

While cleaning him he got a little pack of carrots and apples to celebrate this “special” day before pajamas was on and he could relax again. 

Hope you’ve had a nice day to.



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