Grumpy me 

This morning I woke up more grumpy then Mr.Grumpy. 

I had done the new update on the iPhone the night before and when I was putting on my alarm they had changed the whole setup. So for fun I put birdnoise as alarm sound and went to sleep. Way to late by the way. 

So this morning I lay in bed swearing out loud about how annoying the birds outside my window was. For ten minutes I laid in bed being overly annoyed by this sound before I realized that it was my own alarm sound. How dumb can one be. Haha 

That was more or less the most interesting happening of today. Afterwards I went to a group lesson with Grumpy. He was less grumpy then yesterday, but I still didn’t feel like I rode that well. I need to learn to give quick and distinct aids, which I find really hard as I expect him not to react. But hey, what would horse riding be boring if there wasn’t things to get better at. Besides this I picked up my winter rug from the shed again. It was so cold this morning I felt like wearing it! 

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll wake up realizing those birds are coming from my phone! 



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