Dressage competition 18.09

Today I got to play around with my new camera at the dressage competition at the stable. For a while I’ve been wanting a proper camera to be able to take nicer photos at for example competition or life in general. As I’m the kind of person who has to research everything I buy before I buy it and the selection of cameras out there is so incredible huge it took ages for me to decide which one I wanted. I wanted it to be small and handy, but to be able to take photos with good quality. In the end I ended up with a Nikon 1 J5, which is apparently one of the best ones when it comes to action photos. Below you can see some of the shoots I took. Bear in mind I need to figure out all the settings and such. They’ve also not been altered except for the watermark as I wanted to leave it up to each individual on the photo to be able to edit them themselves.


After taking a look at some of the combinations competing it was time for Mr.Grumpy to get moving as well. Unfortunately not in the dressage ring, but in the lunging circle. Not super exciting, but it was nice weather so it was nice to be outside. The farrier told me that his hooves are becoming better as well on Friday, so overall we are moving forward!




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