Long hack 

Now I finally understand why people love hacking. 

Before I had Mr.Grumpy I would go on hacks with the Manege/stable I was riding at and it would always go wrong. Someone would fall off or a horse would run of or buck. So I used to hate them wholeheartedly and would always come up with an excuse not to go. This Friday I went on a shorter hack and today a longer hack of 1.5 hour, and I must say it’s such a difference on your own horse. Mr.Grumpy is a true gentleman outside and we had such a nice hack today. Being able to gallop on a grass field is so nice. It was nice to see him have his ears forward all the time as well. If you’re a bit scared like me, bring a friend that will take it chill and not push your over your limits, it makes all the difference. 

Tomorrow it’s on to workout and lunging again. 



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