Equestrian fitness 

It’s a fact that doing fitness and works-outs beside your horse riding will benefit both you and your horse. Charlotte Dujardin rides 9-10 horses a day and still finds time to go to a private trainer and train for a half marathon. 

As Mr.Grumpy is struggling with his back it’s important whoever sit on him is not to heavy nor ride to heavy. At my current state right now I’m both… So time to do something about it. 

This morning started off with an hour at the gym outside. I’ve made a deal with myself that every day that I lunge him I also need to go to the gym. Which means 3 times a week from now on. I expected it to be worse to start again, but it went alright. If I don’t post a picture of me working out that day you are allowed to slam me. 

Time to get fit.



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