I forgot it was Monday 

A long time ago I decided that Monday was going to be my lunge day. For the main reason that we always had bad rides on Mondays. No clue why, something about my head not being there and Mr.Grumpy having Monday pms.

However today I forgot my Monday rule and decided to ride instead of lunging. Unfortunately bad ride Monday still exist and I just ended up laughing at the end of how bad I looked. 

It did test my new saddle fur underlayer from Mattes, but forgot to take photos of it. As I bought this from a lisencee store I notice that it’s not as good as if you buy it directly from them, but I’ll try it a couple of more times before I make a review. 

Afterwards I was just chilling outside while looking at a lesson taking place. The place is so calming with all the natur around, love it.

Hope you had a good Monday!


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