1 goal met. 

Today it was finally the day to take the plunge to ride in the forrest. 

I must admit I was a bit nervous when I went to the stable as I’m definitely not a hero when riding outside. But once on him I felt it was going ok. We were walking around for an hour and beside a few small steps to the left and right here and there it went ok. I had to gallop up this hill that my friend didn’t tell me about before we were walking up it. Luckily mr. Grumpy knew what to do so all I had to do was hang on. I was admit I squealed a bit though, haha. I am getting more and more relaxed riding outside which feels really nice. After the ride we spent a bit of time cantering in the outdoor arena before he got an apple and musli.

One goal for this year and be checked of the list. Now onto the rest! 


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