Rainy Monday and failure pad 

Aij aij aij, today so much have gone wrong that I can only laugh from the whole day.

The day started with a major traffic jam, so getting to work was a nightmare. Then when it was finally time to go to the stable to lunge Mr.Grumpy it was poring cats and dogs outside. We both had a good shower to say the least.

While I was at work I finally recieved my new Mattes saddle pad at home, so I was so excited to get home, dry up and check it out. And guess what, since the site was in German I managed to order it with only fur on the top front and not underneath which is what I need. So.unbelivably.dumb! Here is to hoping that the store will take it back and put fur underneath as well, otherwise I can’t use it. The rest of it is perfectly done tough, I have to say that.

Ah well, the worst day of the week is over, it can only go up from here. And lesson learnt, if you don’t speak the language, don’t customize something in it, hahah

As you can see, my cat loves it.


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