Favourite Horse Brands

Found this list on Nina’s blog and thought I would make my own.

Here are my favourite horse brands depending on product:

Bridle: Schockemohle

Bit: Sprenger

Saddle: Euroriding

Girth: Kieffer comfort leather

Reins: Kieffer Rubber reins


Saddle Pad: Le Mieux & Kingsland

Saddle Pad for over the actual pad: Mattes

Tendon and Fetlock boots: Eskadron

Rugs: Horseware Amigo & Rambo

Vitamins: NAF


Brushes: Oyster

Shampoo: Cowboy Magic

Saddle soap: Passier

Saddle conditioner: Passier

Disentangler & shine: Sectolin


Breeches: Harry’s horses

Jackets: Pikeur

Competition wear: Euro-Star

Helmet: Samshields & Uvex 

Boots: Petrie

Gloves: Ariat Tek Grip

Wip: Fleck

Spurs: Sprenger


What are your favourites?


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