Trying me out

Since I bought Mr.Grumpy he’s been trying me out in so many different ways. Luckily for me he doesn’t really do vicious stuff, but some of them can be kinda annoying depending on what mood I’m in.

  1. Attacking in the box. He used to stand beside a very dominant Mare. For some reason he thought he always had to protect me and attach the mare every time I entered his box. Considering I was a nervous nelly in the beginning it was really annoying as I would get so scared and step out of the box. Luckily I got to move him a couple of boxes further and now its no problem at all anymore. He still doesn’t doesn’t like mares tough. haha
  2. Not accepting the bridle. In the beginning I would stand there arguing with him for ten minutes just to get the bridle on him. He wouldn’t open up his mouth for the bit whatsoever. After trying out several different ways, I’ve now got to one that goes really quick, but he is definitely still trying to test me on this one.
  3. Biting my ass when I put on the tendon boots. No clue at all why he does this, as he only does it to me and no one else. I have a tendency to bend down from the side of him and he then always tried to get a chunk of my ass. My boyfriend always laughs his ass off when he does this.
  4. Miscommunication. Every evening I make sure to stretch his neck to the sides and between his leg. I’ve been doing this with small candies otherwise he doesn’t do it. However I didn’t realise that I stand in the same way as when I ask him to lift a leg to pick out his hoofs. Which means that now when I ask him to lift his leg he puts his head between his legs. haha
  5. Walking in circles when I am about to get on him. This one he wouldn’t do in the beginning, but as I managed to get passed the bridle issue, of course he had to come up with something else. So then he started moving in circles when I would step on the little chair to get on him. I’ve now been working on this for weeks and I’m almost at a point that I can get on him right away. Such a cheeky little bastard.

I’ve now had Mr.Grumpy for about 7 months and looking back I must say I’ve been swearing a lot, but I’m grateful that he is trying me out this way instead of doing it while riding. Then I probably would have been bucked off a long time ago. He really makes me laugh more then he makes me angry, which I guess is the most important thing. I cant wait to see what the next thing he will try out is.



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