Sleepy head

Today I fell a sleep half an hour before I had to go to the stable, not a good idea. Both me and Mr.Grumpy were having problems moving forward when we had to ride, but after half an hour we luckily started moving a bit better. The first half hour he spent a lot of time reacting on his surroundings instead of listening to me. As we were riding outside there was a lot more to listen to and look at of course. Luckily he left it at one side jump and for the rest it went good.

My own riding wasn’t very good. I need to become more patient and be careful with where I place and move my hands as well as how I use my legs. My condition also needs to become better, hopefully the circuit training I’ve started doing twice a week will start showing its impact soon. However will keep practicing, tomorrow awaits another lesson.


I did manage to find the way to the vet shop today tough, where I could give in the winter blankets for Mr.Grumpy for cleaning. They were laying in the back of the car and with the sun shining on it, my whole car stank like a barn. Hopefully they will come back all shiny and clean!


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