Lazy day

Pfft, this heat makes me such a slow person. I went straight from work to the stable, but as I came a bit early I sat in the sun for a little before saddling Mr.Grumpy. I could have paid someone loads of money to ride today so I could keep sitting there. haha.


But no can do, Mr.Grumpy had to move, so so did I.


  • Bridle: Schockemohle
  • Saddle fur pad : Mattes
  • Saddle: Euroriding Titan II
  • Saddle Pad : BR
  • Fetlock boots : Eskadron
  • Girth : Kieffer Comfort


I was meant to have a lesson, but unfortunately something happened in the meanwhile so my lesson got cancelled. We had a bit of a ride tough, but as he was off Saturday and yesterday on the longe he was quite stubborn today. Luckily tomorrow is a new day and hopefully it goes better then, then we have group lesson from a Gr.Prix rider.

Ended the visit to the stable with this one, so good!



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