Saturday chill day 

What a beautiful weather the Netherlands is showing off today. After an amazing group lesson outside yesterday I decided he would have off today. So all he has done is rolling around in the sand, eaten grass, been showered and had a walk in the walker. Hopefully the weather will be just as good tomorrow so we can ride outside.

Im currently practicing to ride outside as I used to get massive anxiety doing it. I used to go to a stable where they did rides to the beach, which I tried twice. Both times something went bad and the last time the school horse I was riding on got attacked by a dog. After that I’ve always experienced anxiety when riding outside. Luckily Mr.Grumpy is super nice outside, so it’s all in my head, we will just keep practicing.

Unfortunately Mr.Grumpy can’t eat too much grass because of his hoofs, otherwise I would definitely have let him out on the fields today.


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