Tentenkamp Drachten 

Yesterday I got a note in my email that Epplejeck had a huge “garage sale” today. As I’ve never been to one and I don’t pay for gas I decided to take the trip. From where I live to Drachten it’s about 1.45 hour with car. For most other countries in the world this is nothing, but in the Netherlands driving so far basically means you’ve reached the other side of the world. Haha.

I was hoping to find a new competition jacket, but unfortunately I didn’t find one that fit me well. Instead I found a dark green saddle pad(whoop whoop), Eskadron fetlock boots(really needed as by my previous post) and a Rambo summer sheet. I probably could have bought more, but at a certain point you just buy to buy and not what you really need. They had some really beautiful bridles, but as I just got a new one I let these slide. In total I paid 40 euros, which is more then the fetlock boots are normally, so can’t complain at all. Definitely worth the ride.

I tried taking some photos of Mr.Grumpy in his new summer sheet, but he would have none of it.


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