He must have heard us talking 

Ola Ola, 

You know when you get into that typical riders dip when nothing feels right? That’s what we’ve been going through the last two weeks. I’ve literally felt like a complete newbie that had no clue what to do on a horse. Having to get into the routine that the vet subscribed after Grumpy got his massage has been taking a bit longer to get into then I thought. At the same time I’ve had a physio work on my back to get it straight so the riding felt completely strange.  

Today me and my boyfriend had a long discussion about the future of Grumpy and where I saw it going. As it wasn’t going very well of course those easy thoughts slips into your mind “should I sell him” ” should I lease him to someone who will ask and want less” and so forth and so forth. Even when I was saddling him today I was continuously thinking of horsesausage as he was so extremely annoying. But then, the bugger gives me a really nice ride and I realize why I bought him in the first place. And as easy as those negative thoughts slipped in, they slip out again as well. Haha. 

Hopefully this will be the end of the rut for now and we can start focusing on moving forward. 


Kingsland Master Collection 


After a week of a pretty hefty cold I’m finally feeling like I’m coming back to reality. While I’ve laid under the cover in my bed, Kingsland decided to release the news about their new master collection. 

The collection full of beautiful jackets to use during competitions. I specially love the Fairen jacket. You can read more about the line and its specifications here.

Tomorrow it’s finally back to business as usual and it’s said to be beautiful weather so it’s time to get outside. 


Felix Bühler Anatomical pro 


Hope everyone is having a lovely evening. 

I know that loads of people have become obsessed with the Horseware Micklem lately. The bridle that is supposed to be a lot better for horses head and give less pressure. As the price of that bridle is pretty steep, I thought I would let you know about this one. Felix Bühler Anatomical pro bridle which at the moment costs 99.95 euro over at Kramer. Definitely worth checking out if you find the Micklem to expensive. 


Bucas Freedom / pink lightning 


So this might not be the color I would choose for Mr.Grumpy(he would possibly try to kill me), but I do find it cute. 

Bucas has 3 new pink rugs for the spring which is the freedom turnout, freedom summer rug and freedom fly rug. Freedom is the cheapest line that Bucas carries, but it still comes with the Bucas quality. The rugs are now in stores.

Freedom turnout – 84.50 euro

Freedom fly rug with neck – 74.50 euro.

Can we just take a minute to admire this horrible photoshop job done by Bucas? Is that really the promo photo you want flying around on the internet? Pfft. At least don’t cut off one leg. Haha.

Freedom summer rug 54.50 euro. 


When you fall off you gotta get back on again 

The weather today, so good! Makes such a difference walking out your front door feeling like summer is coming. 

Because of the beautiful weather it was time for this years first outside group lesson as well. I can hear all of those with only a outdoor arena sigh by that sentence. Haha. I know, I’m spoilt. 

The lesson was so so, I had a lot of tension which Mr. Grumpy could feel. At one point he got scared of something or probably found me to annoying so he bucket pretty bad and ran off. Which for me wasn’t a problem, but he scared another horse so badly that the owner fell off. Luckily the owner is a tough cookie and got back up again and went on riding. Big respect! I would have felt so bad if she was hurt. 

When I’ve been away from Mr.Grumpy for some days I always seem to need some days to get back into the rhythm again. So hopefully tomorrow we will be back riding as usual again. 


First time riding 


Today I got the whole arena to myself and was preparing to ride some dressage tests. So I start warming up and somehow I got nervous and Mr. Grumpy got more and more hot. 

I literally felt like I was sitting on him for the first time and had no clue what I was doing. As we were walking around I could feel him tensing up under me. I thought they always said you don’t forget how to bike. Well that ain’t true when it comes to horse riding! 

I did try for a while to get him relaxed, but as I realized I didn’t manage to, I called on my instructor who luckily had time to help us out. With her we managed to get more relaxed and ended on a good note. Days like this makes you feel like you’ve got no clue, luckily I know by now that tomorrow there another day. Time to practice some more. 


10 things I wish people would have told me before I bought a horse 

1. You’re going to have blisters on places you thought wasn’t possible.

2. It does differ what underwear you use. Using lace? Ouch. 

3. You’re going to skip having vacations to pay for medical bills and other stuff for your horse.

4. When you finally have an amazing day riding, the next is probably going to be shit…. 

5. People are going to give you “advice” based on something they heard 20 years ago or outdated info.

6.  People that ride great are going to be timide and people that ride OK will be arrogant.

7. You’ll buy new blankets for your horse instead of new jeans for yourself. 

8. When you’ve finally learned something new, you’ll have a lifelong list of other things you need to learn riding wise. 

9. You’re washing machine is going to be full of horse hairs from the saddle pads.

10. Eventough you’ll be tired as hell after a long day at work or school seeing your horse is going to make you happy. 


What has happened since last time 


Been a busy couples of days, this is what has gone down:

* I’ve turned 30. Need to get used to saying that. When I was 15, 30 year old people were considering almost close to the end of life. Haha. I’ve got so many nice messages and my tack closet was even decorated today. Ain’t that bad turning year then! 

* Mr.Grumpy has turned into a hairy bear. I know I’m going to sound like a barbiedoll right now, but I can’t stand hairy horses. Since I can’t shave him with a machine I’m almost at the point where I’m just going to use hair removal cream on him(don’t worry I wont). 

* The sport massage seems to be working, he walks a lot more trough his whole body now which is good news. So it was well worth the money. 

* On Monday as I was saddling him up I turned around to grab my saddle and what does he do? He trots off to his friend around the corner. There I stood with my saddle in my hand swearing ugly words inside me. It’s a shame they didn’t have a camera filming us, would have been funny. 

* As the sweet owner I am I bought him a toy yesterday thinking that he would like it. But the spoiled diva thought it was going to kill him, so the dog got it instead. 

At least someone got happy with it! 


We survived the vet 

Ola Ola, 

This morning I woke up with a stone in my stomach knowing we had to face another vet appointment. As mentioned earlier, today was the day we did the check up on Mr.Grumpys back and he got a sports massage.

Walking to pick up Mr.Grumpy from his box I had all kind of nightmare scenarios in my head with him biting, kicking or going on his backlegs, luckily nothing of it came true. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mr.Grumpy so sweet before in my life. I even closed my eyes when the vet decided to stand behind his hindlegs and started pulling on his back, thinking he was going to get kicked so badly, but nothing happened. 

He was stiff/blocked serveral places on his body especially knees/neck and hind which now got released again. The back got a green light, but I did get a whole list of things that has to be done both stretching wise as well as riding wise. He will forever be a horse with a manual, but at least we can go ahead with riding and knowing that he is now going to feel better feels good. For the next few days we will have to go for walks before we can start riding again. 

So overall good news today. I had absolutely nothing to worry about when it came to the massage, think the mister enjoyed it. Maybe I should try shaving him next. Hoho


Aztec diamond S17 

Good evening,

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend!

How nice isn’t this summer line from Aztec Diamond equestrian? It’s an English brand started by a really young equestrian. I like the clean lines and simple expression. Sometimes equestrian clothing is so full of bling and prints, but this one is really classy. The photos are great to. I haven’t seen it been sold here in the Netherlands yet, but you can buy it online.