Equilab – Horse app 


I just came across an app that seems great for us horse lovers. 

The app is called Equilab and what it does is literally keeping a diary of your trainings. It checks how many minutes you use on walk, canter and trot. It also sees how far you’ve travelled with the horse and for how long you trained. 

It’s super easy to set up and you can track several horses. It’s also super easy to share the details of your trainings with your coach. If you put in body wheight of you and your horse it will also track how much energy/calories you’ve used. You can also put in the stable you ride on and share the details with other stable riders if you want

I must admit I haven’t used mine yet, but read about it on Lina Dolk’s blog and found it really interesting. Going to test it out tomorrow. You can find it on AppStore under Equilab and it’s totally for free. 

If you test it out, let me know how it went!




Long time, no see! 

Now I’ve finally settled a bit in my new job and have time to focus on the blog again. 

Today I did something super interesting called a flexchair. For those who doesn’t know what it is: you sit on a chair that is formed like a saddle that is connected with a laptop. On the laptop you can see if you for example sit in the middle of your saddle , if you lean to one side, if you move your pelvis in the right way and so forth. Super useful when it comes to horseriding as you can see if you put pressure on the horseback in the wrong way or not.

Before I went in I was a bit afraid that the outcome would be that I sit skewed as you see this with a lot of riders(leaning to one side or the other). However my outcome was that I sit very straight, but I need to dare to release my back and move my pelvis better front to back and vice versa so that I move better with the horse’s movements. She said I had a really good moving pelvis(how dirty is that word by the way?), I just had to learn to use it in the right way and release it. As she had dealt with horses with kissing spine she gave me some really good tips to use while riding Grumpy as well. 

I almost think they should make such chairs obligatory if you ride on a certain level as it gives you great insights. It can save your a lot of trips to the vet if you find out early that you sit skewed and you can fix it. I at least found it super interesting and useful. 

Now I’m going to read trough an article my instructor gave me to learn some more. 

Hope you’ve had a good Sunday!


People who inspire me 


(Be prepared for cheesy quotes to get you going) 

Some people grow up being super fans of certain bands or celebrities, but for some unknown reason I’ve never had that. However there are certain people that I follow/look up to based on how they perform or keep their horses. Whenever I’m in a dip I think about the list below and remembering what I’m working towards. 

Horse riding : if there is one thing I can watch for hours then it’s people that steer a  horse around without moving at all themselves. Unfortunately you hardly come across such people(let’s face it, even Isabel Werth have coach potato tendencies), but Charlotte Dujardin does one heck of a great job. What I love the most about her is that she doesn’t believe she’s done learning. So many people think their already Anky, and if you believe that, your never going to improve. Besides her I enjoy watching people that show off young stallions at shows cause those are the ones that really hustle and generally ride great.

Horsekeeping: Carl Hester. A lot of Carl’s principals when it comes to horse keeping crosses paths with those of mine. He believes that you need to start handling a horse from a young age and get it used to the environment to be able to enjoy it later on. He also believe in a very varied schedule and a lot of turnout. Bored horses become troubled horses. And people wonder why their horse is stiff when it’s been inside all day….. Hoho

Rider fitness: Anne and Lotte Meulendijks. If you’ve ever seen the vlogs of Anne and Lotte Meulendijks you’ve seen that they have one hell of a tight training schedule. When your sleeping, they are in the gym. I wish I had their discipline, but I really need to strengthen my core if I want a better positioning in the saddle. So every time I’m being lazy I’m remember why it’s so important and it makes it a bit easier to get going. 

So,  now I can forget the horrible riding I’ve done this week and move forward haha. 💪🏻


Words become so meaningless 

I was going to write a whole post about the horrible terrorist attacks going on around the world at the moment, but in such situations words become so meaningsless. Nothing I say can bring anyone back to life. 

What scares me is that it seems we’ve gotten to a point where we just let it happen and hope that it won’t be us next time. Is that the right way to go about it? Maybe we should start caring a little more, show a little more compassion and let people feel a part of the community. Realizing that you can do something for other people without expecting something back.

I’ve decided to see if I can find a little girl or boy that can’t afford horseriding, but really wants to and set up a monthly little play date with him or her. There isn’t much I can singlehandingly do to stop terrorism, but teaching a child that there is love in this world is a least one step in the right direction. 

If you know about a charity that does this in the Netherlands, please let me know. 

My heart goes out to everyone that lost someone in Manila, Syria and England the last two weeks. 


Friday eve

And there you go again, the week pass by so quickly. Wasn’t it just Sunday? Anyway, a long weekend ahead, so can’t complain!

2016-06-02 16.41.58-2

I was dumb enough to clean his saddle on Tuesday, which meant slipper slope on Wednesday. That together with having to have the stirrups longer because of a flesh wound on my knee made for a very interesting lesson in balance. And now your thinking, “But you shouldn’t clean the top of your saddle”. I know I know, but I normally put conditioner on it afterwards and then your literally stuck in the saddle instead. ah well, a little balance training can’t hurt anyone.

As I started my new job this week, Grumpy had to be put a bit on the back burner till I get settled. Need to come up with a new riding plan as well as I can’t ride earlier on the day anymore. I don’t understand how women can have full time jobs, children and then a horse. Must be superheros with more hours in a day then me! But ill figure it out somehow, just have to get used to it again.

2016-06-02 16.42.02-2

These photos are from exactly one year ago. So funny to see he haven’t changed much, just a bit more muscly.

Now I’m going to crash in bed, my brain is literally fried after a lot of new information entering it. Hope you’ll have a lovely weekend!


Lesson from the ground 


Been sitting here for ten minutes thinking about how to start this blogpost, bust my mind seem to not want to figure it out, so I’ll just get into what I wanted to tell. 

Lately I’ve noticed that Grumpy walked a bit slow from behind. It was like he was a bit lazy with his behind legs and didn’t bother to lift them properly. So last Friday I decided to have a lesson from the ground to see how I could fix it. So my instructor went for a ride and I got instructions on what to do and she would show me. You could instantly see Grumpy thinking loads of ugly words as he now had to work for it. 

So we’re back again. To the point where I need to be more consequent. Consequent consequent consequent. I’m pretty sure I’m going to dream about the word soon. But it’s the truth, the more consequent I am, the better and quicker he will move. Saturday I tried it out in the lesson and it really worked. He had a few buck moments, but when he realized he wouldn’t win he gave it up. Towards the end of the lesson I’m becoming tired which you notice straight away on my riding, so need to work some more on that as well. 

Sometimes I really wish I could press a button and I would turn into Charlotte Dujardin, but unfortunately this is a part of the road and everyday is a step closer to the goal! 

Been talking to myself 


Do you know what the best feeling in the world is? It’s when you’ve been trying to get trough that level on candy crush forever and suddenly you did it. Yep, nothing can describe that feeling haha.

All jokes aside. Yesterday I did something I normally don’t do. Talk to myself. 

I decided after riding Grumpy in the arena to take him for a walk around the little gallop circle we have in the woods. It’s definitely not far from the stable, but far enough for me to freak out. But yesterday I had my big girl shoes on, and figured that if you want to overcome a fear, you gotta face it. So on we went. 

As per usual, Grumpy didn’t do a single thing… while me, I was talking to him like his ears would fall off. If people would have heard me they would have thought I was a nutter. “It’s ok boy, we’re gonna do this”,” don’t worry, almost there now”. Haha. But it did work and we did survive our little field trip. With every little step, that fear is getting less. Hopefully by the end of summer we can make bigger field trips. 

Picture from last time we tried back in December… 


Van Olst Horses 



So unfortunately by mistake I ended up on the site of Van Olst horses and now I can’t get out of it. For those that doesn’t know, van Olst horses is a stable known for their great stallions for breeding: negro, painted black, Everdale, Glamourdale and so forth.


In their currently collection of horses for sale there is so many great stallions and geldings. I’m currently not looking for myself, but I love checking which horses have good gaits for the future. Wouldn’t mind having Jai in my stable, but I know he is already sold to a Dutch amazone in Italy. His trot tough, insane. I’m secretly in love with Joy, such a cutie. Ah I could look at this site forever. Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a new horse. Just a reminder, they don’t come cheap. Haha 



The week that went by 


So I guess it’s right what they say. The older you get the faster the time goes. The weeks are currently flying by. 

so update Grumpy:

The last couple of weeks I’ve worked a lot on the lunge to make him stronger on his left side. The left side has always been a weak point for him, so he would always have a bit of trouble going into left center. But now my friends, I’ve worked so hard on it that his right side is becoming weak……. dang. Haha. 

Due to him becoming stronger on that side my left arm is currently dying while riding. For some dumb reason I completely put it on lock when I ride and get cramps. So thinking of planning in some private lessons next week to see if I can get rid of it before the whole arm falls off. Making a horse straight is really an art on its own.  

I’m also realizing I’m really happy I don’t have children cause Grumpy is getting fat. Yep, I’m a feeder, I’m admitting it. Luckily it’s a lot easier making Grumpy move then children, so the next weeks he is going on a diet to get back in shape. I did buy a “light” candy, which is good for horses that easily get laminitis though. Grumpy seems to love it(who am I fooling, he eats anything eatable), but if you are looking for a better option, this is the one. 

Last, but not least. Grumpy finally got to go on the land today together with his boyfriend Tristan. It’s so funny to see how good friends they are and enjoy hanging out together. He still haven’t figured out that he can eat through the mask so he just walks around saying hi to the other horses. 

Now it’s time for trash tv and chai tea. 

Hope you’ll have a great weekend.


Roeckl Laila sun glove 


Summer is just around the corner, and we all know what that means. Lovely tan lines here and there. I particularly love the ones you get from your tee or singlet. Straight across your arm. From tan to white in one second. Nothing is more sexy. 

Now Roeckl is here to save the day when it comes to tanlines on your hands. They’ve created a glove with a special mesh fabric that makes the sun shine through while you still got grip on the reins. 

I don’t know if I fully believe the concept as you’d still get a line over the end of your hand, but I’ll give them a star for trying. Maybe they can create shirts with this fabric as well? Or pants. Now then we’re talking. The gloves can be bought for 30 euro at your Roeckl retailer or online on Hypostore

If you’ve tried them, let me know if they work!