What does a horse cost every month?


A while ago while surfing around on YouTube, I came across the channel Keep Horsing Around, which is about Kirsten and her beautiful frisian Thelly.

In the autumn of last year she bought Thelly, who was then a 3 year old stallion I believe. In her videos you can see the road to finding him as well as their road together with every ups and downs that you have with a young horse. What I like about her videos is that their really honest and she’s so kind to her horse.

Every month she has a video where she explains her costs of that month when it comes to the horse and everything around him. In one of her videos she asked if anyone wanted to show their costs as well as the prices differ severely from region to region in the Netherlands and I decided to volunteer. Below you can see one of the most expensive months I’ve had with Grumpy since I got him. Thankfully it’s not like this every month, otherwise he would be sold rather quickly. Haha




New year, new chances

Ola Ola,

Long time no see. Happy new year to you all! Hopefully you had a great Christmas and New Years!

Things have been extremely busy lately, hence the silence. I must admit the last couple of months have been very heavy. Work has been extremely busy, and unfortunately Grumpy has had a lot of silly issues. I feel like he is trying to make me become a veterinarian, as I keep learning new things almost every week now.

The newest of the week is that he has a hoof abscess. For those that doesn’t know what it is, it means that he has an infection in his hoof that needs to come out. This is extremely painful for horses and the best is to treat it right away. The vet came on Sunday, he took off his shoe and now he has a beautiful little white and blue on instead. I’ve never in my life put a bandage on anything, but now I got a speedcourse in it. Luckily it’s already going a bit better, so hope the farrier can put a new shoe on, on Friday.

It’s becoming extremely frustrating that every time I get a little bit of muscle on him, something new happen. At the moment those backmuscles are long gone.

But ok, I can sit and whine for hours and it won’t help me nor him at all. I look forward to that this hoof abscess has passed so I can start training again. For the time being he receives a lot of cuddles, apples and the occasional solarium to give him a change of scenery.


Schockemohle Beta

Ola Ola,

Greetings from a very snowy Netherlands. It’s actually so snowy I don’t get to see Grumpy today. My little mommy heart doesn’t like that, but I know he’s fine(knock on wood).

Yesterday I got up really early to go to the stable before the snow came. Must admit my warm bed seemed like a better idea, but then I remembered I could test out my new bridle and jumped out of bed.

Back in October, Schockemohle released a new set of anatomical bridles. Within this launch there was one called Beta. Since the minute I saw it I wanted to buy it, but I found the price a tad bit steep. However with Black Friday, I found it with 100 euro discount, so I was sold.

The Beta is a special bridle constructed to release pressure around the head, jaw and nose while riding. As I noticed that Grumpy really enjoyed not being ridden by a noseband I decided to look for options and this bridle was one of the ones I came across.

So far I must say I already notice a difference when trying it out. Due to the construction, the bit is laying a lot stiller in the mouth. The leather is really soft and overall the bridle seems sturdy. Only thing I am afraid of is that the bridle will become to big with the leather stretching. We shall see.

Can’t wait to train properly with it. For those interested in it, make sure you shop a bit around on the internet as the prices vary greatly. I bought mine at Horze, which was 100 euro cheaper then the current price of Epplejeck.


Private lesson nr 2.

Ola Ola,

The weeks are flying by at the moment! It’s almost 2018, how crazy is that?

Yesterday I had a day off from work so I booked in a private lesson at 09.00 Yep, bright and early and very cold.

Gosh, That was hard Work. We are currently working on making Grumpy using all of his muscles instead of keeping his back flat. Apparently horseriding is all about feeling and making the horse work for you. I noticed none of that yesterday haha.

Because he locks his left jaw, I lock my left arm and a side effect of that, is that my right leg start moving because I’m not balanced. My whole body is hurting today. However we did get him moving towards the end of the lesson, which was good!

I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but when I ride like I did yesterday I get angry at myself. That right left and left arm needs to stop, so that will be my goal for the coming period, to make myself more balanced.

In the evening I went to a VIP evening at my local Horse-tack shop. So much nice clothes, but after buying a new bridle and paying all kind of horse bills, my account didn’t exactly allow me to buy much. I came home with some candies and a leather cleaner. Afterwards I went to buy a headset for training so that I don’t have to lend my trainers. Costed 16 euro which was pretty cheap for Sony’s.

Happy weekend everyone!


Someone is trying to break my bank 

Ola Ola, 

As per usual on Mondays, a lovely little surprise was waiting for me at the stable.

Today Mr.Grumpy had decided to turn his left back iron. Why oh why oh why. This month he has bloody cost me over a 1000 euro in stabling, veterinarians and creams. Now I gotta pay that lovely farrier an extra time as well. 

That’s a lot of money I could have spent on private lessons. Ah well, nothing I can do about it now. Have sent pictures to the farrier and hope he is able to come by sooner rather then later. 

Happy Monday everyone 🙂


Private lesson : 1 

Ola Ola, 

It’s Friday, yay! The best day of the week, besides Saturday and Sunday. Haha 

Today I had my first private lesson again. Well not first one, but the first one in a long while. 

As Grumpy is now building muscles again I want them to grow as steady and straight as possible. If that makes sense. And lately I’ve noticed that I fall short on basic knowledge which is hard to build if you only follow group lessons. So moving forward we will probably do a private lesson every second week. 

But ooh what was it fun! Suddenly you have a horse that walks trough it’s body so much better. And not only that, he wanted to work as well. I caught myself laughing in the middle of it(when I had time to breath that is. Haha), just because of the way he felt. Can’t wait for the next on now!

Hope you’ll all have a good weekend!


How to get rid of mud fever 


Oh you guys. By the end of my life, if I keep going by this rate, I can probably call myself a veterinarian. I’ve completely lost count of how many pages I’ve read about mud fever(Mok) and grease heels. 

I started off reading Dutch websites, but for some reason the Dutch can’t seem to agree on anything mud fever so you’ll find 50 different answers. So I decided to check out the English and the American, luckily their slightly more updated on this topic. So here is my Do’s and Dont’s.


  • Wash the heels one time only with anti bacterial shampoo. Make sure you clean your hands in between switching legs. Mud fever transfers easily from one to another. Once done, dry legs completely. Don’t repeat this  more than once. 
  • Keep the legs dry at all costs. Grumpy had to stay inside for two weeks to be able to battle it. If they have to get wet, make sure you dry them at least once a day. Bacteria’s thrive when the legs are wet. 
  • Use a cream or spray with Sulphur(zwavel) in it. Sulphur kills bacteria’s and stimulates growth of the skin. And keep on putting it on. Day and night if needed. Not doing it will mean one step back. 
  • Make sure the stable is as clean as possible. Pee and poop are bacteria’s best friends. Especially pee is extremely bad for mud fever. 
  • Use mud fever pills and vitamins to fight the mud fever from within. 
  • Go on short walks with your Horse to keep the bloodstream going as this will help with recovery time. 


  • People seem to think you need to scratch of the scabs(kortsjes). DONT. They will fall off in due time if you treat it correctly. The only thing you do by scratching is making wounds and hurting your Horse immensely. 
  • Do not put your hand in the pot of cream and smear all four legs in one go. The only thing you do by doing that is transferring the mud fever from one leg to another. Clean your hands before moving to the next leg. 
  • Don’t put cream on a half dry leg. Then your only locking the bacteria’s in and your horse will probably be worse the next day.
  • Don’t be lazy. Mud fever is not fixed in one day, but if you keep being lazy and don’t clean, dry and smear the legs it will never go away and only get worse. 

It’s really not rocket science. Keeping dry, kill the bacteria’s and smearing is all it needs. 

So in my fight against mud fever, I tried out several products and some ended up working really well. Links to shops in the name. 

Frama – Easy mok spray

This is a pure Sulphur spray and was the only thing I felt truly penetrated the scabs and removed them. The spray itself is useless so i poured it into a cloth and used that instead. It’s cheap and works really well. E


The good old nappy cream. Many people swear by this one for mud fever and I like it too. It’s pretty cheap and easy to smear on the legs. The only thing is that it makes the heels really greasy. 

NAF – mud barrier cream

This cream contains a lot of great ingredients against mud fever like Sulphur, tea tree oil, msm+++ It’s very easy to smear and I feel like it penetrates the scabs well. It’s a lot more liquidy then a normal cream so the only issue was that because grumpy stands on shavings these would easily get stuck to his legs and they would become very dirty. This cream can be used prematurely throughout the whole year and keeps the dirt out as it’s “waterproof”.The pot seems very expensive, but it’s huge. 

Mok cure 

Last , but not least Grumpy got pills against the mud fever. I can’t say for sure if these helped, but I did feel the recovery went quicker once I started giving them. Online you can find loads of raving reviews about them. 

If you are battling the same thing, good luck. If you have never had it, be quick if your horse ends up getting it. It will save you a lot of heartache and money. 




Today was the day. The fluffy bear was going to become half fluffy bear. 

I’ve been practicing with the clipper the entire week to make sure Grumpy would become used to the sound and feeling of the machine. This is how he looked after that:

And tadaa. This is how he looks now:

He did get sedated with a gel and had a earnet on. But this he shook of in the beginning of the clipping so we left it off. It took quite some time as we had to use the small clipper, but managed to fix the entire neck and a stripe on the belly and ass in the end. He didn’t move at all so it was no problem. 

Now I’m going to leave it like this and if we want to take off more, we will do so next week. However I feel quite relieved that it went so easy. Thank you so so much with the help Ivonne. Your a star!

If anyone want this earnet, let me know as I don’t need it anymore. Haha 


Massage & Germany 

Ola Ola,

A bit behind on the blogposts now, but I’ll start with what I did on Friday. 

Friday it was time for Grumpy to get his sportsmassage. Lately he’s been so insanely grumpy, but the minute the massage was done he already seemed happier, so something must have been tight. Except for a little freak out when the vet tried to reach for his feet he behaved like a star. 

After the massage, me and the boyfriend took the trip to Germany to the Horse conference Niederrhein. It’s a bit similar to Horse event here in the Netherlands, but smaller. However they had so much products I didn’t know where to look at some point. I think I got a bit overwhelmed, as I ended up buying two plastic brushes and some clipper oil and that was it. I did see the bridle that I wanted, so got to check out the leather on that one before I buy it. I should have bought some Eskadron saddle pads, as they were 20 euro for the focus ones, but oh well, next time. 

A lot of people went to stock up for the year which I totally understand as the prices were really good. 

Eventough I didn’t end up buying anything it was a nice little trip. 


NAF warming soap 


We all know how marketing fooled I got by “NaF’s bride it”. Now they’ve brought another product on the market. This one is called NAF warming soap. 

The claim for this body wash is that you can use it on your horse after excersizing and you don’t have to rins it off. Apparently the ingredients give a warming effect so that your horse feels warmer. 

“NAF Warming Wash this is a no rinse body wash containing Ginger and Clary Sage to warm and cleanse your horse on winter days. The formula contains no soap, detergents or thickening agents so it’s really gentle and very easy to use, just a couple of capfuls added to warm water. 

NAF Warming Wash lifts sweat and dirt with ease and the subtle warming fragrance is soothing and relaxing. “

Considering Grumpy is a super sweater and has a long fur, this could be interesting. Apparently it smells amazing. It costs 15,- euro. 

Have you tried it?