Today was the day. The fluffy bear was going to become half fluffy bear. 

I’ve been practicing with the clipper the entire week to make sure Grumpy would become used to the sound and feeling of the machine. This is how he looked after that:

And tadaa. This is how he looks now:

He did get sedated with a gel and had a earnet on. But this he shook of in the beginning of the clipping so we left it off. It took quite some time as we had to use the small clipper, but managed to fix the entire neck and a stripe on the belly and ass in the end. He didn’t move at all so it was no problem. 

Now I’m going to leave it like this and if we want to take off more, we will do so next week. However I feel quite relieved that it went so easy. Thank you so so much with the help Ivonne. Your a star!

If anyone want this earnet, let me know as I don’t need it anymore. Haha 



Massage & Germany 

Ola Ola,

A bit behind on the blogposts now, but I’ll start with what I did on Friday. 

Friday it was time for Grumpy to get his sportsmassage. Lately he’s been so insanely grumpy, but the minute the massage was done he already seemed happier, so something must have been tight. Except for a little freak out when the vet tried to reach for his feet he behaved like a star. 

After the massage, me and the boyfriend took the trip to Germany to the Horse conference Niederrhein. It’s a bit similar to Horse event here in the Netherlands, but smaller. However they had so much products I didn’t know where to look at some point. I think I got a bit overwhelmed, as I ended up buying two plastic brushes and some clipper oil and that was it. I did see the bridle that I wanted, so got to check out the leather on that one before I buy it. I should have bought some Eskadron saddle pads, as they were 20 euro for the focus ones, but oh well, next time. 

A lot of people went to stock up for the year which I totally understand as the prices were really good. 

Eventough I didn’t end up buying anything it was a nice little trip. 


NAF warming soap 


We all know how marketing fooled I got by “NaF’s bride it”. Now they’ve brought another product on the market. This one is called NAF warming soap. 

The claim for this body wash is that you can use it on your horse after excersizing and you don’t have to rins it off. Apparently the ingredients give a warming effect so that your horse feels warmer. 

“NAF Warming Wash this is a no rinse body wash containing Ginger and Clary Sage to warm and cleanse your horse on winter days. The formula contains no soap, detergents or thickening agents so it’s really gentle and very easy to use, just a couple of capfuls added to warm water. 

NAF Warming Wash lifts sweat and dirt with ease and the subtle warming fragrance is soothing and relaxing. “

Considering Grumpy is a super sweater and has a long fur, this could be interesting. Apparently it smells amazing. It costs 15,- euro. 

Have you tried it?


2 cm shave 

Ola Ola, 

I’m not going to get overly excited about it, but today I managed to shave 2 cm of Grumpy’s leg and he didn’t care at all.

But then the machine started to make a bit more sound and suddenly he cared about it. Ehm alright buddy. However I’m hoping it means that if I stuff his ears with cotton I will be able to shave his whole body. 

I started of with putting on and off the machine while holding it close to him. Then I started moving the machine all across his body without shaving so he could get used to the feeling of the machine and then he just stood there so calmly that I decided to give it a go. So there is now a 2 cm stripe on his leg. Haha. As he behaved so well I decided to leave it there and will continue tomorrow. 

Besides this there was also a dressage competition at the stable so I went to support. Overall a nice and chilled out Sunday. Picked up the boyfriend at the airport afterwards and as per usual he brought home new horse magazines for me. So that’s going to be my evening.

Have a nice Sunday eve! 




Now we’ve finally survived mok fever nightmare, it’s time to focus on the next project.

Clipping/ shaving Grumpy. 

Today we had quite a good excersize, but then after the lesson he was so sweaty I had to wash him off. After a proper dry off and sweat rug he was still not dry so I put him under the solarium for 20 min. And guess what, still not dry. 

So we have to battle the clipper. The only thing is that the Diva starts knorring the minute he hears a clipper. Every time someone is shaving at the stable I’ve been taking walks with him by the spot to get him used to the sound. As a next step I’ve bought a small clipper from Sectoline. Every time I brush him I put on the clipper and will keep on continue to do so till he doesn’t care anymore. Luckily this clipper is pretty soundless and doesn’t shake to much, so hopefully next week I will be able to update you guys that I’ve managed to shave him. Even if it’s just one stroke. Haha




Have you ever heard about Falpro rugs? No? Me neither until a couple of month ago. For the last few years Charlotte Dujardin was sponsored by Bucas, but she has now switched over to Falpro. As I’m always intrigued by brands that we don’t have in the surroundings I wanted to take a closer look to the brand.


At first glance it looks a lot like the rugs from Horseware. They have several good looking rugs and you can always add a liner to them to make them warmer in the winter. However as I haven’t had one in my hands I can’t say how they feel quality wise, but I’ve heard their really good quality, but tend to be rather heavy. They’ve also got extras like halters, saddle pads and travel boots.


There is a few things I really like about this brand which I wish Bucas would adopt to their lines. Number 1 is the fact that the surcingels is fastened on the outside of the rug. On the new Bucas rugs these are on the inside. Which means that when the horse lays down they go directly into the skin of the horse which cannot be very comfy. Number 2 is that most of the stable rugs comes with a soft fleece neck which won’t damage the mane and number 3, all the outdoor rugs have flash stripes on the front and back so your horse will light up in the dark if there were to come a car.


At the moment it doesn’t seem that you can buy these rugs in the Netherlands, but you can buy them online HERE. The prices are at the level of Bucas and Horseware.

Have you ever tried one of these rugs?


Last injection 

Good morning.

It’s the last work day of the week. Yay. Or friyay as most says. I only have a public speaking course, and then it will be weekend for me to! 

The other day the vet came to the last time for Grumpy. His legs kept being thick so had to check it one last time. The mud fever is now almost gone, but the vet thinks he got another virus and that’s why his legs are thick. So he got a new injection to make them thinner and then from there on out we should be fine. 

Grumpy is usually a little diva when such things happen to him, but this time he was totally fine. Didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t hold him with the injection as he feels me getting nervous and then he freaks out to. 

“I’ll stay away from you now” haha 

The vet will be coming back to give him a massage next week and then we can start training properly again. Wohoo. Can’t wait to see him in shape again. 

Have a great Friday!


Amidale 4 flex sport stirrups 

Good evening,

About a month ago I noticed that the rubber was bursting on my flex stirrups from Epplejeck. So I decided to look for new ones. I mean, I would love to buy the Sprenger bow balance, but they are so expensive I just can’t seem to justify the price. It’s like buying super expensive body lotion, biggest waste of money ever. However as my knees really need the flex I started looking for alternatives online. 

After a bit of research I came across the Amidale 4-flex sport stirrups. They’ve been highly recommended by a lot of people on the net, so I decided to give them a go. I must say so far I’m pleasantly surprised. The flex is good, I really like the black(you can get them in all colors possible), and they provide a good grip. I tried them out yesterday and didn’t have any problems with my knees. 

I bought mine at De Paardengruiter for 43 euro. I didn’t knew the site on beforehand and was a bit sceptical to order from them, but didn’t have to be at all. They’ve provided great service and the product was neatly packed in. There was an issue with the delivery and they notified me on WhatsApp which is so much better then dealing with everything over mail. Top notch service(no they didn’t pay me to say that, haha). 


The cream lady 


Since I was young I’ve never really appreciated the feeling of creams. Specially hand cream. It’s something about that sticky feeling that freaks me out. 

However the last two weeks I’ve totally become a cream specialist. My whole tack closet is filled with Sulphur cream, baby cream, desinfector cream and so forth. 

The mud fever is now almost gone from the front legs, but the backlegs won’t budge. The skin is growing again, but I now feel I find more scabs dotted out on his hoofs. Very difficult to describe, but I’m having a hard time seeing if it’s getting better or not. I’ve given myself till Wednesday and if I then haven’t seen clear improvements I’ll call the doctor for antibiotics. 

For the rest the man himself seems to be healthy and quick. He almost killed me due to a fox in the bushes on our walk today. 


Favorite day of the week 


Ah, how good is Sunday? I wish I could have Sunday everyday. Just need to win the lottery first. Haha 

Today Grumpy has finally trained properly for the first time in 2.5 weeks. I started noticing towards the end of the week that the energy was coming back and he wanted to work again. As he has lost quite some muscles on his back and overall I took him on the longe in hope that, that will build them up quicker. As we are just going to build up slowly and as stamina isn’t the greatest we did a 20 min workout today. Mostly focused on walking and trotting. 

His mud fever/grease heel is still there and his left back leg is the worst one which is still pretty thick. It did open up a bit when working, but it’s either one or the other evil. I can’t have him lose more muscles now. Luckily he let me clean it and put on cream very gently. It’s nice to see he is trusting me after these last weeks of drama. Now he patiently waits to move his leg till have put on all the cream needed. So we are going in the right direction I think. It must mean it hurts less if I’m allowed to touch it. 

It’s currently to warm for his 150g rug, so he is now wearing the Bucas Shamrock power at night, which seems to be giving the perfect temperature. It has the stay-dry inside to ensure all spots are kept dry for the rainrot. 

Tomorrow we are finally going back to lessons. Not only he needs it, but my head as well. Haha. 

Have a nice Sunday!